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Care In The Cubicle: Looking After Your Workers

Care In The Cubicle: Looking After Your Workers

Care In The Cubicle: Looking After Your Workers Staff
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Those people looking to lead a group of workers can find themselves conflicted. You may find that your limiting self-beliefs stop you from doing what you want to do in your business. But it’s in these moments that you have to remember that when you are in charge of a ship, that you’ve got to be the blueprint and the standard for all those that follow you. Your crew, or employees, need looking after. What are the best ways to look after your employees? Is it to do with providing adequate perks, or is it about something deeper?

Giving Them Peace Of Mind

Peace of mind is hard to find. When we are providing that cultural experience that can foster creativity and make employees enjoy their working day, this idea of peace of mind can be difficult to magic up. Part of it is to do with the culture, but it’s also to do with the regulatory components you put in place. Something like a PUWER assessment is what you can implement to place duties on people, which is encouraging them to step up to the plate, but it also provides that peace of mind in the fact that you truly care about your workers and their development.

Learn To Experiment

Being stagnant is the enemy of any good entrepreneur. Learning to experiment and finding ways to push forward is about trying new ideas. In one respect, the business needs to develop, but if you’re looking after your employees sufficiently, you can give them the reins. Learning what they have to say can be incredibly enlightening. This means that you will have to take on board feedback but also be prepared for a curveball. They may want to have more flexible work schedules, and if this is what they want, if it results in improved working patterns, happier employees, and an increase in productivity who are you to argue with this?

Listen To Them

Asking your employees what they want is one thing, but listening to them and taking on board the feedback is entirely another. When a policy goes wrong, it’s okay to get rid of it and try something new. After all, you are looking for solutions that will work for everybody in the business. Yes, you can’t please everybody all of the time, but if you don’t listen to them, and follow your own rigid set of rules, are they going to feel that they are their own person? Listen to what they have to say and give them the opportunity to empower themselves.

It may very well be to do with something simple like the food that they eat, which can have a major bearing on morale, or it could be about ensuring that their well-being is maintained. Whatever it is listen to them and see if the consensus will benefit the business. Because a happy employee is a productive one if you don’t listen to your staff, how can you expect them to be happy or productive?

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