Flipping Heck! Learning To Be Productive One Day At A Time
View of Factory Against Blue Sky
June 25, 2021 By Staff

Manufacturing companies often struggle with the costs of running the business, and they have to keep on adjusting their goals to stay afloat. If you are not careful, expenditures can get out of control and affect your company's bottom line. Keeping expenses in check … Read Article »

June Happy Planner Set

The Happy Planner Set for June includes:
– Month Divider
– "This Month" page: What's you're reading, doing, important dates etc.
– Weekly Pages (left and right) … Read Article »

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Career Development

Two people shaking hands at a meeting
June 24, 2021 By Staff

Failing to achieve job satisfaction at your place of work can have a dramatic impact on your life as a whole, as you likely spend upwards of 40 hours each and every week fulfilling your duties in an environment that you simply don't enjoy, … Read Article »


Lightning striking a crane
June 24, 2021 By Staff

In the light of recent events, it should come as no surprise that business continuity planning (BCP) is spreading throughout industries like wildlife. Those that had a BCP were not hit as badly by the pandemic. Those that didn’t have a BCP, are barely … Read Article »


Group of people photographing a music gig
June 23, 2021 By Staff

Camera clubs are one of the most popular social clubs in the country. So many Aussies are photography enthusiasts or professionals and these days everybody loves taking photos and selfies with their phone cameras. While it’s obvious that photography in one form or another … Read Article »


Pregnant woman on an aeroplane holding her bump
June 23, 2021 By Staff

When you are pregnant, you may have often heard people talk about various precautions to take. All the precautions add up to so much pressure that you may feel you cannot do anything at all. Travelling during pregnancy is one such taboo, or you … Read Article »

Well Being

>Woman looking out to sea at sunset
June 23, 2021 By Staff

Are you worried that you won't get to that "sculpted" figure before summer starts? We will help you with that - here are some effective tips that will help you to look great before you show up on the beach in your new swimsuit. … Read Article »


Toy shopping cart in front of a laptop
June 23, 2021 By Sunny Popli

The eCommerce sphere has been losing for a long time now. It continues to blossom even more as a growing number of brands flock towards the online bandwagon. And, while today it’s easier than ever to set up an eCommerce store when it comes … Read Article »