Teapot with bowl of lemons, limes and a cup of lemon tea
April 7, 2020

You’ve heard how great detox tea is, but did you know how many things it can do? In this article we look at 6 surprising benefits of detox tea you might not know about. … Read Article »

February Themed Planner Kits - Multiple Sizes

With 72 sizes/layouts this kit is styled in a dark blue this kit is a perfect colour for the winter month of February with the cover and dashboard showing a snowdrop to herald the coming of spring.

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Well Being

Silhouette of Woman leaping at sunset
April 7, 2020

In most cases, an addition can be an incredibly difficult thing to break out of. When you realize what addictions can do to your body (especially when it comes to a substance such as alcohol) you’ll start to understand just how important it is to avoid getting addicted to anything. However, it’s not just things like alcohol and drugs that can cause a problem for us. The reality is that anything we do can turn into an addiction that causes a negative effect on our health if we take it too far. … Read Article »

House & Home

Light living room with chandellier
April 6, 2020

We've heard it said that the ceiling would be your 5th wall of the room. And most folks maintain them plain, paint them white, and forget about these. Ceiling decorations are the last thing on our heads when remodeling a room. However, I really do not want to overlook the ceilings in my home. I don't want them to own extravagant designs; however they indeed are a terrific chance to add some attention, color, and customization to some residence. Honestly, I really like my bathroom ceiling so far should I thought it would seem right that I'd do it every room of the house. … Read Article »

Well Being

20 Meditations For Better Sleep
April 4, 2020 by Katy Whitton

During these trying teams, we're all a little more stressed that usual - and that's totally understandable! You may be worried about your job security, stressed about health issues, be cooped up in a small space trying to work from home while the kids run riot. There's a lot to get stressed about and this could be impacting on your ability to sleep. In this article we give you 20 meditations you can do at home without specialist equipment. … Read Article »

Computer & Software Tips

iMac, Keyboard and Coffee
April 4, 2020

If you've ever turned on your computer and got that dreaded black screen, you may think that all of your files are gone - that might not be the case though! If you're using a Mac then this article will walk you through the steps to (hopefully) get your computer up-and-running again. … Read Article »

Productivity News

Person digging soil
April 3, 2020 by Katy Whitton

As events in the world get more difficult, many of us may find ourselves at home - either working or on furlough. With that in mind we've put together a round-up that will help you find things to do around the house, make sure you get some exercise and maybe learn a new skill. … Read Article »

House & Home

The Best Household Cleaning Apps – Infographic
April 2, 2020

Cleaning is a really on trend niche at the moment. We have seen a massive rise in the popularity of cleaning-dedicated pages and influencers on social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram; these pages have masses of followers all over the world and it’s a trend that shows no signs of abating. Cleaning “hacks” are widespread and people now even use cleaning as a form of relaxation and even therapy! … Read Article »

People Skills

7 Free Things I'm Doing To Help My Team Stay Sane During The Pandemic
April 1, 2020 by Ayush A. Trivedi

During these testing times, it's important to remember that we need to support our teams as well as our businesses. When we're busy helping our teams, our customers, our neighbours, our families, it's easy to lose sight of the fact we also need to position our businesses to come out of this period stronger and ready to pounce on the opportunities that will present themselves when the economy bounces back. In this article we look at how Ayush plans to galvanise his team and help them get to a place where they are ready to help me capitalise on a rebounding economy. … Read Article »


People putting coins into a piggy bank
March 31, 2020

One of the best indicators that you’re a responsible person is the way you handle money. If you’re constantly spending your income without any cash left in your savings fund, it’s not a good sign of being smart with your financial resources. In this article we look at 5 tips that will help you save more money without stretching your finances … Read Article »