Flipping Heck! Learning To Be Productive One Day At A Time
From above closeup of plastic calculator with number symbols on buttons near roll of American paper money tied with rubber band
March 8, 2021 By Staff

Every organization has few core departments without which it may not function well. Finance Department is one of those, and organizations rely on highly skilled professionals that carry out critical financial operations. In today’s highly competitive era, money needs to be handled with significant … Read Article »


With 72 sizes/layouts this kit is styled in a dark pinkthis kit is a perfect colour for the spring month of March with the cover and dashboard showing a border of flowers to highlight the change of season. … Read Article »

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PC and iMacs on a networking background
March 8, 2021 By Staff

The movies often show us a sinister figure hunched over their laptop or computer. We see them typing furiously into the keyboard with figures and letters flying off the screen. Suddenly they yell, "I am in!" They are shown to break into some top … Read Article »

Computer & Software Tips

Illustration of video editing software on a computer screen
March 7, 2021 By Chris Hennessey

Type Studio is a Berlin, Germany based Startup which was founded in 2020. Type Studio is developing a new approach to edit a video. It is called text-based video editing. You basically edit the video by editing the transcribed text. In previous video editors, … Read Article »

Productivity News

View of a podcasting microphone
March 6, 2021 By Katy Whitton

In this week's round-up we take a look at a great budgeting system that will help you save money and still allow you to have some fun and we take a look at some trends for 2021 - fitness, beauty and remote working and, … Read Article »


Marketing stragegy on a laptop screen
March 5, 2021 By Staff

Besides choosing the most in-demand marketing strategy, it’s also crucial to implement personalized marketing campaigns to better impact competitors. Personalizing customer experience helps combat boredom and provides the best value proposition. So, what are the top personalized marketing strategies nowadays? … Read Article »


Picture of product packaging
March 4, 2021 By Staff

If you decide that you’re running your own business, you’re in for a treat. Becoming your own boss comes hand in hand with all sorts of perks. You get to choose who you do and don’t work with. You get to choose your own … Read Article »


Person Using Ipad
March 4, 2021 By Staff

Every business goes through a season when it experiences lowered activities, or the profits decline. If your e-commerce has hit a plateau and seems like you are not making progress, look for the problems and fix them. If not addressed, the stagnation can lead … Read Article »

Well Being

Woman clutching chest in pain
March 4, 2021 By Staff

Have you thought about what you will do if you end up in emergencies? We believe that every school must teach students how to deal with basic emergencies. The basic knowledge of what a person should do when someone loses consciousness or have a … Read Article »