Flipping Heck! Learning To Be Productive One Day At A Time
Child and man cleaning wooden floor
September 20, 2021 By Staff

Keeping the dirt off your floor is a cumbersome task, especially when you are working full-time. It requires effort and ample time before you can make your floor and shelves sparkling again. A sound cleaning strategy would be to break down housekeeping projects on … Read Article »


These free planner inserts are are a must for any planner addict. There are 6 sizes (A4, Legal/Large Happy Planner, Classic Happy Planner, Mini Happy Planner, A5 and Personal) and the kit now includes covers and dashboards as well. … Read Article »

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City skyline at night
September 19, 2021 By Staff

When managing a modern workplace, there are several features that you’ll never forget. Security features, staff clocking in systems, and modern equipment are all guaranteed to feature. However, there are many other essential items that can easily be overlooked. By their very definition, you … Read Article »


Pile of coins with a plant in a jar
September 18, 2021 By Staff

Borrowing is something that becomes a lifestyle you may say or a new normal or in other words a trend. When you can't afford from your pre-existing bank balance you have to adopt the methods of lending money from others in order to fulfill … Read Article »

Office Management

Binder with workplace harassment on the cover
September 18, 2021 By Staff

As an employer, you have to take extra measures for protecting employees against sexual harassment at work. Being proactive is still the best approach rather than being lenient and then regretting it later on after finding out putting the right person accountable is indeed … Read Article »

Office Productivity

Businessman using Microsoft Teams to talk to co-workers
September 16, 2021 By Staff

Since its arrival, Microsoft Teams Calling has been an excellent addition to Office 365's arsenal of features. This piece will show not only what Teams Calling is, but how it works, and why it is a perfect system for any business looking for improvement. … Read Article »


Closeup of a video camera lens
September 16, 2021 By Rohan Gadekar

You know what a video is and how to utilize it in digital marketing. But how does it help in selling products online? If you haven’t read it already, here is a quick guide to get you started in Video Marketing. We have seen … Read Article »

Fashion & Beauty

Smiling woman touching her hair
September 16, 2021 By Staff

Receding hairline is a very sensitive and difficult problem for young women. They become more conscious about their beauty, sometimes ruining the essence of it. Thinning hair is caused by many factors like stress, hormonal imbalance, rapid weight loss, etc. Hair loss is a … Read Article »

Career Development

Illustration of star signs
September 16, 2021 By Staff

Star signs, believe in it or not, show a lot about our characteristics. Being born in certain times of the year will make you more confident, better suited to certain environments, and succeed in the right career should you choose one which fits best … Read Article »


Social media like icons coming out of a laptop screen
September 15, 2021 By Staff

Marketing requires skills to be able to write content that is unique and appealing. Having a quality marketing strategy is very rewarding. If you are able to make your name famous and your brand a household commodity, then your strategy will be rewarding. Any … Read Article »