Illustration of a home office
August 10, 2020 By Dawn Castell

Home. It's where life happens - it's where you eat, sleep, rest and connect with family and friends. You might even work from home. And during your time at home there will always be things that need to be done. How are you doing... … Read Article »

August 2017 Planner Pack

This month's download now contains dashboards for you to use as dividers for your new monthly sections. There are 6 sizes of planner inserts available so there is something for everyone in this great free pack! … Read Article »

Recent Articles


Woman holding LinkedIn icon
August 8, 2020 By Staff

LinkedIn is a powerful tool that businesses should make sure they use. You can connect your brand with over 600 million professionals across the globe. You can generate leads, build brand awareness, and establish strategic partnerships on LinkedIn. If you have a business that... … Read Article »


Woman in call centre weaing headset
August 6, 2020 By Staff

Many businesses consider cold calling an effective method for generating interests from potential leads and existing customers. But, gone are the times of using conventional landline telephone systems to call targeted audiences. Now is the time to use an autodialer for your business. In... … Read Article »


Woman on cycle with a fitness tracker
August 5, 2020 By Jacob Cullin

A fitness tracker has all the necessary features that an individual can ask for. It helps to analyse the quality of your sleep by capturing your sleep time. In addition, you can check your calorie output, heart rate, pulse rate, etc. In this article... … Read Article »

Career Development

Group of colleagues having a meeting
August 4, 2020 By Staff

So, your workplace might be lacking some skilled workers in a certain area or two, or you may be someone who’s recently opened up a business and want to know what kind of skills you’re going to need. Either way, the answer remains very... … Read Article »

House & Home

Electrician working with switchboard
August 3, 2020 By Anne Davis

Deciding on whether to complete your own electrical work, inviting a friend with electrical knowledge, or hire a professional electrician can be tough. In this article we look at when and why you should consider hiring a professional electrician to work on your home. … Read Article »


Yellow Scissor Lift
August 3, 2020 By Anne Davis

A Scissor lift is a handy piece of machinery used by construction firms to provide a stable and steady platform for employee lifting. So, what uses to scissor lifts have and when should you think about hiring one? Read on to find out. … Read Article »

House & Home

Black and white checked sink with water pouring into it
August 3, 2020 By Anne Davis

There are several substances at home that could accumulate and lead to unwanted buildups in pipes and drains. Some of them are usually present in the kitchen. If you try to discharge used oil, grease, or fat in your sink, it could cause a... … Read Article »

House & Home

Dark brown leather sofa in grey room
August 3, 2020 By Anne Davis

Leather sofas are a significant investment. Leather sofas are very traditional, masculine, as well as wonderfully sophisticated and stylish in every home. Mostly, a leather sofa tends to appear sleeker than most cloth sofas. If you also find that a leather sofa can have... … Read Article »