Flipping Heck! Learning To Be Productive One Day At A Time
Person putting oil on their beard
January 19, 2022 By Staff

Facial hair is no longer just a trend or fashion statement; it's a lifestyle choice that people make with confidence. Beard oil is the best way to keep your facial hair looking its best while also keeping skin healthy underneath all that fuzz! … Read Article »

January Themed Planner Insert Kit - Multi-Planner Download

There are 69 insert designs available in this kit so it doesn't matter what size planner you have - you're covered with this FREE download! So whether you have a Happy Planner, Filofax or personal planner there's an insert for you. … Read Article »

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A piece of wood balancing on a wooden triangle
January 19, 2022 By Staff

A load balancer is a hardware or software-based network appliance that helps distribute workloads across multiple computers, servers, CPUs, hard drives, or other resources. This should be done so that the additional resources are used to satisfy current demands, thus avoiding resource overflow and … Read Article »


The word "procurement plans" and several graphs drawn on coloured sticky notes
January 19, 2022 By Staff

If you're an SME owner, it's vital to ensure that your business runs smoothly. There are many steps involved in running an enterprise. As such, there are many chances for things to go wrong. Some of these problems are minor, but others can be … Read Article »


Calculator, cash and a list of bills to pay on a notepad
January 19, 2022 By William Benetton

Are you looking for a way to gain control over your finances? As you probably know, that will require you to make some serious life changes! If you are curious about tips to budget money relatively easily, you came to the right place! … Read Article »


Open air dining area with red tables and chairs
January 18, 2022 By Staff

Whether you have a family and would like to treat them out to a meal on occasion, or even if you’re flying solo, eating out can sometimes be costly. Let’s look at some logical and handy tips for dining out and enjoying a meal … Read Article »


The text "HIPPA violation" written on red paper
January 18, 2022 By Staff

If you’re running a HIPAA-covered company, facility, or office, you need to educate yourself about common HIPAA violations in the workplace, including compliance protocols and effective measures to avoid any hassle. Any person or organization that violates specific HIPAA standards can be held liable … Read Article »

Well Being

Pills, syringe, cigarettes and bottle of alcohol on a black and red background
January 17, 2022 By Staff

We need to address a massive misconception about drug and alcohol addiction because some individuals don't choose a life of addiction by choice. Like any other medical issue, you will have to jump through challenges and obstacles during your recovery journey, let's take a … Read Article »