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How to Show Your Boss You’re Valuable (Without Becoming a Sycophant)

How to Show Your Boss You're Valuable (Without Becoming a Sycophant)

How to Show Your Boss You’re Valuable (Without Becoming a Sycophant)

Everyone wants to impress their boss. But coming across as a sycophant isn’t the way to do it. Sucking up to your boss won’t earn you any brownie points with your team mates. Nor will it earn you the respect of your boss.

Here’s how to show your boss you’re valuable without being obsequious:

Work out What They Value

When you know what your boss values, you can set yourself relevant targets. Through your appraisals and by paying attention in meetings, you can develop an understanding of your boss’ business objectives and what he or she expects from you too. Figure out how your performance is assessed and work hard to deliver in the areas that mean most to your boss. Your work in these areas is much more likely to be noticed and appreciated.

Always Give 100%

Giving your all doesn’t mean starting early and finishing late every day. Nor does it mean answering emails at 1am. You need to be well-rested in order to be your best at work. What giving your all does mean is always working dedicatedly on each new project, working into the night to meet that important deadline and coming to work motivated and enthusiastic.

Come Up With Solutions

Sycophantic employees are afraid to challenge the status quo. They don’t want to question their boss or the decisions they make. However, to really show you’re valuable, you should feel able to address workplace issues with your manager. The key to doing this successfully is to prepare solutions as well as problems to discuss.

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Whether you think you’ve spotted a new opportunity or have a better idea for office operations, go to your boss with a plan and they’re much more likely to appreciate your input.

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Be A Team Player

Sure, you want to stand out from the crowd and show your boss that you’re better than the rest. But, in order to do this, you can’t forget that you’re part of a team. You need to work with your team, support them and help everyone to meet their team targets. A poorly functioning team will cause problems for a boss. But a well-oiled machine where every member sings your praises can only work in your favour.

Be Resourceful

All bosses want to see great results. But they’ll also have their eye on company resources. The less time and money that go into creating great results the better. You should keep an eye on these things too. Try to do more with less as long as it doesn’t compromise outcomes. And whenever you take a new idea to your boss, show an awareness for budget and time constraints.

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Tell Them

Sometimes, no matter how hard you work and how many targets you meet, your progress seems to go unnoticed. Some bosses need to be told how valuable you are rather than you waiting for them to figure it out. Keep a record of your work and your successes. Try to measure your output. And track how you have made improvements since your last performance review. This information will stand you in good stead should you choose to meet with your boss to discuss new opportunities and a higher pay packet.

Show your boss you’re valuable by working hard, providing solutions and being a great team player. You don’t need to suck up or be sycophantic. In some instances, however, quietly working away won’t be enough. You may need to step up, meet with your boss, and tell them all about just how valuable you are in order to get the appreciation you deserve.

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