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3 Tips To Be The Best Boss

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3 Tips To Be The Best Boss Staff
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If you are responsible for leading a team of people then you know that you are in a very privileged position. You can make a real difference to their lives every single day and your direction and inspiration can impact upon the service and standard of work that they deliver to clients. We are sure that you want to be a great leader which is why today we are sharing with you 3 tips to be the best boss.

Whilst we are not sure that anyone can ever become the perfect employer, we want to help you to get very close. We want you to be the boss that everyone clamours to work with and the one that they remember in years to come.

Make the work environment comfortable for all

Your first priority should be making the work environment comfortable for all.

You will want to address basic needs first, so ensure that the temperature is acceptable, workstations are fully risk-assessed and the lighting is conducive to work. Where possible, allow as much natural light to flood in and make the environment visually appealing.

It helps if people have their own space to make them feel more comfortable, whether that be a locker, a peg or a desk of their own. There should also be somewhere to take breaks away from workstations.

You could then provide your team with refreshments, a clean workplace and music if that is an option. Make it as friendly and upbeat a place as you can, whilst still retaining its professional image.

Listen to everyone

Good leaders make the time to listen to everyone. Communication is absolutely key and your team should feel that their voices are heard and respected.

Hold team meetings regularly and ensure that everyone has time to input. Some people will naturally be more confident in this type of environment, so it is up to you to support the quieter members of your team in coming forward with their ideas.

Along with team meetings, hold one to ones with your staff. These might be reviews, weekly catch ups or you might be working alongside them on a task. They provide that employee with an opportunity to have some dedicated time with you. This means you they can air any issues, propose ideas and just get to know you better on a personal level.

Develop individuals

The best bosses work hard to develop individuals.

It is in your best interests to make the most of your employees’ skills. It will mean that your team do a better job and that they are more satisfied in their roles, so it is a win all round. It might mean that they move on and get promoted and you have to start again with a trainee, but wear that as a badge of honour as you are doing your job by coaching and developing people.

Delegate appropriately so that your team are upskilled, and ensure that you only give them as much as they can handle so that their confidence does not take a knock. Remind them that you are always around if they run into any problems and that you believe in their ability to do it.

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