People Skills

How to Survive and Thrive as a New Manager

July 24, 2018 by Annick Nuyens

If you're lucky enough to be promoted you may think to yourself "Do I deserve it?" Well, my first thought would be "Yes, of course!" unless you're a complete brown-nosing sycophant you earned this! If you're a new manager then this guide will help you learn to thrive and grown in your role and inspire those who now work for you. … Read More »

People Skills

Tackling Tricky Behaviour At Work: Asserting Your Authority

May 2, 2018

It’s not easy being the boss. Sure, you want to be liked by your employees, but you also need to be tough to get things done. A boss that is too likeable can be thought of as a soft touch, which could lead to employees taking advantage or important developments being missed.   Some instances […] … Read More »

People Skills

3 Leadership Traits That Can Kickstart Business Growth

August 7, 2017 by Devin Morrissey

Quite often we blame ourselves for the lack of growth in our business - but perhaps sometimes it's other factors holding us back. Shirking employees, unrealistic goals and being stuck in your ways can all hamper your business growth … Read More »

People Skills

Are You A Manager Or A Leader?

February 16, 2017 by Chris Thomson

Are you a manager or a leader? Which is best? In this guest post Chris Thomson discusses the difference in roles and why one is better that the other. … Read More »


5 Lessons Managers Can Learn From Running A Pool Team

August 9, 2008 by Katy Whitton

Okay, a slightly strange topic – and tangent – for me I know bt I’ve been thinking about this for a while now (no wonder my head hurts!) and I actually think that the lessons I’ve learned whilst running one of my local pool teams – Yes, they let ME be a captain, the fools!! […] … Read More »


Jargon Warning – it may be heading to your office soon!

August 8, 2008 by Katy Whitton

It’s summer, your boss has just returned from holiday and all of a sudden all of this new jargon and buzzwords fill the office. The reason? Your boss has been reading management books on his holiday! The BBC has an interesting article  on some of the new jargon that could be heading our way – […] … Read More »


How to make your boss love you

August 6, 2008 by Katy Whitton

There’s an interesting post over at US News, written by Alison Green, called “10 ways to make your boss love you” and whilst it is written in a “Corporate Speak” style (Green is a manager herself so I guess you can’t blame her!), there are a few interesting points that the article highlights. Here’s my […] … Read More »


The Ten Worst Excuses for being late to work

August 6, 2008 by Katy Whitton

An article at discusses the “10 best excuses for coming to work late“: More than 27 percent of hiring managers say they are skeptical of employees’ excuses for showing up late. It turns out their doubt is warranted: 24 percent of all employees decide to make up a fake excuse rather than tell the […] … Read More »

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