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Being in charge is a big deal, whether you’ve managed to climb your way to the top of the ranks, or you’re managing your own business, it takes a lot of responsibility to manage a group of people.

With the title of “being the boss”, people aren’t too forgiving when you mess up because everything always comes back to you. Regardless of whether it was your fault or not, you are responsible for everything and everyone in your department, so you want to make sure that you are doing as much in your power as you can to have things running smoothly and successfully.

Having said that, managing people tends to be one of the hardest things you can manage, because they all have their own thoughts and opinions that you need to take into consideration on a daily basis.

If you need some helpful tips and advice – here it is.

Train Them Properly

Never just assume that your team know what they’re doing.

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Sure, they’ve been hired, so they’re capable, but that doesn’t mean they know all the ins and outs – And they should!

Take sales, for example; you want a group of individuals that know everything there is to know so that you’re reaching all the targets and objectives that have been set. And most importantly – make as much money for the business as possible. Meta-Morphose is one of the best sales training companies in the UK, so it’d be worth setting up a selection of courses to improve everyone’s skills.

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Be Approachable

Regardless of how well you do a job, none of it matters if your team don’t feel as though they can come to you with a problem.

No matter how big or small it may be, they should be able to come and talk to you about it without feeling silly, or judged. You don’t want a room full of individuals to keep secrets from you because of the way you put yourself out there. So, have a think about the impression you give off. There’s nothing wrong with being strict or direct, but it’s also key to show that if there is an issue, you are the person that they can talk to. So, lend an ear when the time comes that’s how you’ll really earn their respect.

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Keep Them Motivated

Motivation is absolutely essential if you want to drive sales and get the best results. If you don’t give your team any incentives, then why will they ever feel driven enough to put in 100%, when 80% is much easier?

It’s a good idea to set weekly (or monthly) tasks for your team, and whoever puts in the most effort – wins. This doesn’t have to be anything extravagant. It can be a £10 shopping voucher or a bottle of wine. But just having something to look forward to while having a bit of friendly competition, will give everyone a little kick up the behind.

So, put these ideas into action and see how much of a difference they will really make.

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