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Why Use Social Media For Marketing

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Why Use Social Media For Marketing

  • Orginally Posted October 30, 2020
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Promoting on social media can be difficult. There are a number of platforms to choose from and you need to tailor your approach to your audience. It can feel challenging if you don’t use social media regularly or you struggle to keep up with trends.

However, there are many benefits to using social media for marketing. There are plenty of companies offering a range of digital marketing services that can help, too. So, here’s why you should be using social media for marketing.

It’s Where Your Customers Are

No matter your opinions on social media, the fact is that most people have it. If you sit on a train, most of the people around you will be scrolling through Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. And you want to be where the customers are, it’s that simple. People scrolling having their morning coffee will see something you posted without even searching for you. If you aren’t on social media, they would need to search for your website, which takes initiative. Being on social media means you can subtly remind them of your existence, and you’ll be the company they turn to when they need a service you provide.

Messaging And Responding

Social media can be interactive. It builds a stronger relationship between you and your customers. People are much more likely to respond to a message on social media than they are to an email. Yet again, this is because they’ll already be on social media anyway. Plus, messaging on social media is quicker. There isn’t the need for formalities or pleasantries. So, marketing on social media means faster responses and faster solutions.

Increasing Inbound Traffic

Your social media profiles provide another way to get inbound traffic onto your website. How? If you’re regularly posting interesting and engaging content that you link to your site, people will start clicking. This means more people engaging with your website and checking out the products or services you offer. And once a visitor is on your site, you can create more opportunities to get them to convert to a lead. The better your social media strategy, the better your numbers.

Reaching Specific Audiences

Social media is great because you can target certain audiences depending on who you’re trying to sell to. For example, if you’re creating a product for young millennial women, Instagram is going to be your best bet. Research shows that 51% of users on Instagram are female. Alternatively, Twitter is more of a male game, with 66% of users being male. So, if you have a gender specific product, this is useful information that allows you to tailor your social media marketing strategy, especially if you use paid adverts targeting certain demographics.

Increasing Brand Loyalty

Social media is a great place to increase brand awareness and loyalty. People want to love and support brands, so by being on social media you give them the chance to engage more and share posts they enjoy. You can also open discussions about important issues and gain an ethical following.


Don’t forget to check your social media metrics when you run a campaign as this will tell you how well your social media posts are converting and allow you to tailor future campaigns to reach a more targeted audience.

No matter whether you’re advertising a specific product, service or promoting an article on your website, social media has the capability to reach a huge number of potential customers across the globe helping you to grow your business with the massive outlay of a traditional advertising campaign.

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