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Why Should Sales And Marketing Work Together?

Why Should Sales And Marketing Work Together?

Why Should Sales And Marketing Work Together? Staff
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You can’t have a good business without a sales and marketing section in your business. They both work towards the same goal: securing business and helping the business grow. However, they both do it very differently. With that being said, if your sales and marketing departments aren’t working together, then you’re living in the past. So many things have changed recently, such as how consumers purchase things (partly due to the internet), that’s it important that you update your sales and marketing to make sure that they become more customer centric.


On its own, sales are the direct process in which a salesperson talks to a customer and steers them into a making a purchase. There are many ways that a salesperson can do this. For example, they can it over the phone, in person, emailing or even social media. This process can either take a very long time, particularly if the customer needs a lot of persuading before they make a purchase. Or it can be a very short transaction.

This process hasn’t really changed in past years, although it is starting to evolve, since sales can be made over social media now. However, the buying transaction has certainly changed. The main difference though between sales and marketing is that sales is normally just a one-on-one thing, were they deal with the customer directly. Marketing is a bit different.


Marketing does not deal with individuals but rather it is designed to make the customer aware of a certain product or service. They will create a detailed plan and study customer analytics to see what a customer could potentially want. With this data, they will then tailor a marketing plan to try and entice the customer to buy a product. This is normally where the sales and marketing team split, and this is where the problems lie.

Why is there a problem? Well, the main reason is because at this point, there is now no good communication between the two. The two teams could also be aiming for two different goals which again can cause a load of problems. So, the easiest way to get rid of these problems is to combine Sales and Marketing.

What Happens When They Work Together?

Marketing and Sales are both important in their own right. However, by putting them together you are actually making them stronger. If you use both sales and marketing apps then you can easily combine them as well to help you out. You can check out this Salesforce ActiveCampaign integration to see how easy it actually is. This is an important step as it can help improve communication and means that both departments have the same goal.

If companies keep these two things separate, then they are missing out on a huge opportunity to improve their business. In fact, businesses who do combine them have a stronger alignment between the two. They also generate more leads, have a shortened sales cycle, retain more customers and predict what they need to do in the future better. It’s the perfect solution for improving your business and taking it to the next level. If you are interested in learning some more tips on how to improve your business, then check out this article here.

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