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Email 101: Part 4 - Basic Email Etiquette
October 31, 2016 By Katy Whitton

As well as managing your inbox, it's also important to manage the way that you use email as well. In this article we take a look at how you should use CC and BCC, what to do with attachments and how to ensure you … Read Article »

House & Home

How to Stay Organized After A Big Clean
October 26, 2016 By Nick Cesare

How often have you spent a whole day (maybe even longer) cleaning a room only to have it back into a messy state in no time at all? In this guest post Nick Cesare takes a look at some ways you can keep your … Read Article »


Email 101: Part 3 - Sorting Your Emails
October 24, 2016 By Katy Whitton

Would you leave an a stack of papers on your desk and keep adding to it, and adding to it until you couldn't see your floor, let alone your desk any more? No, you wouldn't so why is acceptable to do this equivalent with … Read Article »


3 Storage Tips to Boost Your Productivity
October 19, 2016 By Fraser Sutherland

Did you know that you can boost your productivity by using these 3 simple tips (well, 4 if you count the bonus!). In this post Fraser Sutherland looks at how you can simply and easily become more productive just by tweaking how you store … Read Article »


Email 101: Part 2 - Speed Up Your Email Response Times
October 17, 2016 By Katy Whitton

Do you find yourself repeating the same (or very similar) response emails over and over again? How about adding different footers for each of the hats you wear? Well you can speed up your email response times by automating almost everything about your email … Read Article »