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3 Keys To Being Your Own Boss With An MLM

3 Keys to Being Your Own Boss With an MLM

3 Keys To Being Your Own Boss With An MLM

Entrepreneurship is overtaking the way many individuals organize their lives. For some, it is the call of an exciting business venture, for others, it is the chance to be their own boss and uphold their own set of standards and values towards their customers.

Sometimes, it is the chance to stay home with family more often, travel whenever the opportunity strikes, or just to get away from the daily corporate grind and have the freedom to set a schedule around the desired lifestyle. Whatever the reason, the call to be your own boss is strong for many people. Some of those people are choosing to do this by working with a multi-level marketing company.

Research Carefully

There is a certain amount of skepticism surrounding these companies, warranted in some cases where consumers are warned to avoid scams. The best way to do this is to carefully research a company before making the decision to work with it. Companies like Le-Vel Thrive that do not require its members to recruit others or have a cost to join are a safe way to start a small business of your own.

Look for transparency in a company’s products, costs, services, and customers. Check out reviews of both the products and the company itself. Does it have a good product return policy and do the reviews show that the company will honor that policy? When you find one that checks off all the boxes and aligns with your drive and values, then it may be time to get started.

Form a Strategy

Before you begin selling to every family member and friend you’ve made since grade school, take some time to plot out a sales strategy that is in line with your company’s structure and your personal goals and values. List out your sales goals and a plan for how you will meet them. Speak with people who have had success and ask them what they did to achieve it, then consider combining some of their strategies with your own talents.

It is also important that you consider the market for the product you are selling. What type of person would find your product valuable in everyday life? You want to work to build a returning customer base. It is imperative that you have relationships with customers who will buy your products over and over and not just once. Consider the lifestyle your business suits and work to build a marketing plan that will target those individuals.

Let Business Be Business

One of the major challenges, and major draws, of working an MLM business is finding a way to separate the business part of your life from the casual part. This is often a challenge for anyone working from home, but person to person sales can be particularly strenuous on this balance. Making a schedule or specific amount of time to work each day will help maintain the work/life balance, without which, it is easy to either ignore the work or involve it so much in your personal life that people start to avoid conversations with you.

When selling directly to people through personal interactions, it can be easy to let every conversation drift to your products. Make sure you keep in mind that people are people first and customers second. Maintain your relationship with each person with a genuine interest in their lives and by sharing yours. If things naturally turn to business, then all the better. If you plan to meet someone with the intent to sell, make sure that you are clear about that when you schedule the meeting so they are not caught off guard.

Doing your research on each company before you choose one will help you avoid any scammers and having a firm marketing strategy will help you grow your business straight from the launch. You can be successful in working your own small business and using an MLM to get you there.

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Kevin Faber has been in the commercial finance and banking industry for most of his professional life. He graduated at UC Davis with a B.A. in Business/Managerial Economics. His experience in credit analysis, finance, and management led him to be the founder of Silver Summit Capital. He enjoys working in the financing industry and building connections with industry leaders.
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