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Orange and green pen laying on notebook with to do items on the page
August 8, 2008 By Katy Whitton

I was contacted a while ago by Scott Karstetter of Smart To-Do List asking if I'd be interested in reviewing their new Smart To-Do List software. And, of course, never being one to turn down a free lunch I jumped at the chance. … Read Article »


Macbook pro on a white desk
August 7, 2008 By Katy Whitton

I was interested to read Darren Rowse of Problogger discussing his blog posting techniques and that he batch processes them for maximum productivity. I thought about that for a while and it made complete sense! I had a sort of "Doh!" moment I guess! … Read Article »


Generate Free Calendars Online
August 7, 2008 By Katy Whitton

I was contacted recently pointing me in the direction of a new site - It's a ridiculously simple idea; select a month to print, upload a photo in jpg or png format, press generate and you have your own calendar in PDF format … Read Article »

Site News

The word hello written in coloured icing
August 7, 2008 By Katy Whitton

Yes, I've only gone and been recognised by a big site again - yeay me! Lifehack have put up a list of productivity related blogs, called 50+ Personal Productivity Blogs You've Never Heard of Before (and about a dozen you probably have) and they've … Read Article »


Person sitting reading emails
August 7, 2008 By Katy Whitton

I've recently gone back to work after a week off and getting back to the office is always a chore - especially when you have an inbox bursting with emails all begging for your attention. I've written before about how I manage to keep … Read Article »


Senior Engineer
August 7, 2008 By Katy Whitton

The BBC has reported that "Older People are happier at work": Older workers are the happiest employees, research commissioned by Vodafone suggests. Seven out of 10 workers aged over 50 said they felt fulfilled compared with half of 25 to 31-year-olds … Read Article »

Psychology & Communication

7 Habits [2008] : Habit 4 Think Win/Win
August 7, 2008 By Katy Whitton

Habit 4 of Stephen Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is all about achieving a mutually acceptable compromise with the person you're dealing with so you both feel that you have achieved your ideal outcome. … Read Article »