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Top Study Apps for College Students

Top 15 Study Apps for College Students

Top Study Apps for College Students

Regardless of what level of education you are in, effective studying will help you to raise your grades. Sometimes you don’t have to use conventional ways of study to get the success you wish for. Studying doesn’t have to mean extensive and tedious hours at the library. Thanks to technological advancements, there are new inventions that come every time to help make everything easier. Students barely have time to spend in a library. Therefore, it only makes perfect sense looking for alternative means of acquiring knowledge.

Before sharing the study apps that you will need to beat typical learning, you need to equally know that essay writing has been made easier for you. Wondering how this is the case? Well, through services such as and many others, you can quickly get your piece done seamlessly and within the stipulated timelines. Now back to the primary subject, here are a selection of the top study apps for college students:

1. ISTUDIEZ pro legend

This app is available under all popular platforms, including iOS, android, mac, and windows. It is useful for keeping tabs with all your grades, tasks and schedules, all in one place. So, when you are the type of student who frequently forgets what time of day a specific task is due, this app will help you always to be alert. Just be sure to put the correct dates as missing that would result in wrong warnings. An added advantage on the app is the fact that you can effortlessly connect it to the Google calendar.


This app helps you to create your study sets from other people’s examples. The information you create will help you get done with your next test quickly.

3. Evernote

It is one of the top-rated apps on Google Play Store, and this is due to its efficiency. Notes are vital in college. In fact, you would rather miss a class and have all the notes. Not that missing classes is encouraged, but the point is that having notes is next to a must – if you want to succeed. To have everything in one place and well-organized, Evernote will do you a great deal of assistance. With the possibility of adding links, attachments, audios, recordings, and checklists to your notes, the app can be a savior when you need it. Besides, you can sync the notes across another device so that you have two reading locations. Of course, to get the ability to synchronize unlimited devices, you will have to part with a fee.

4. TODOIST premium

Currently, right about ten million or more people use this app, where you can organize all you need. Easily group your assignments and choose which ones you are ready to go through. You also have the chance to create your personalized templates and graphs.

5. My study life

With this brilliant app, you can easily organize and group your classes, exams, and tasks in one place. The best part yet is that you can sync all the data to the cloud storage and share with all your devices. Besides, it works offline, meaning you don’t always need a data connection.


This app helps students to get a hold of intricate pieces of information and clarify more about them. It achieves this through the use of organizational charts and diagrams. All the data that you create here is transferable to the Evernote app. The only limitation of the app is that it is only supported by the iOS platform.

7. MYSCRIPT Calculator

If you still think that the conventional pen and paper mode of learning is essential, you will relate well with this app. Quickly solve your equations and math problems through your hand on a phone’s screen. This helps you to master the formulas and skills of calculation more efficiently than only using an ordinary calculator. In essence, you can start with the simple calculations as you rise to the more complex ones.

8. Dragon anywhere

Using your voice and no other unique tool, you can now dictate and edit all of your pieces using this app. For ease of access, you can even export all of your documents to other apps.

9. Exam countdown lite

If you feel the weight of busy exam days, this is an app that can be of immense assistance. It can help you get your schedules together so that you can easily plan your study time. For those who also tend to forget when their exams are, this app will help to keep track of every step. An additional and significant feature is that you can toggle distinct colors for different subjects.

Get it on iOS and Android


This app is almost similar to the XMIND app, where you can create useful mind maps. You can equally navigate through them without any trouble. The additional feature is that you can include external media when needed.

11. Flashcards plus

This an interactive app that is offered through the famous textbook rental company known as Chegg. You can easily create flashcards using this app, and seamlessly include images as you wish. In case you don’t want to create one, you have the option of scanning through thousands of flashcards that have been tailored for different needs. The app also helps you to focus on the essential parts that you need to grasp.

12. Forest

Similar to the conventional forest you know, this app helps you to build a forest through planting trees. Each tree represents your allocated time.

13. Wolfram Alpha

Need a formula for a math problem fast? This app helps you get all the mathematical answers you need within no time. Besides math problems, you can equally get solutions for scientific problems and any other subject.

14. Scanner pro

Thanks to this app, you can change your phone into a scanner using your camera. Scan all the documents you need and send them through email or better still, upload them to cloud storage.

Get it on iOS and Android

15. Plainmath

Plainmath is a free math encyclopedia. They collect and put together all unsolved math problems and show solutions to them so that students can learn and understand them. The primary goal is to enrich the education process with clear and accessible examples.
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