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People Skills

HR Improvements To Reduce Turnover And Support Workplace Productivity

March 21, 2022 By Sam Bowman

Anyone who has ever worked in the field of human resources (HR) knows what a formidable challenge it can be to find and recruit essential talent. But retaining and developing that talent may be an even more daunting task. Nevertheless, reducing employee turnover and optimizing talent development are fundamental to a company’s success.…more »

Life Hacks

Setting Yourself Up For Success In The Post-COVID Working World

January 18, 2022 By Sam Bowman

As things slow down and the world begins to inch forward, it can feel a bit intimidating getting used to the “new normal.” If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the prospects, here are a few tips to help you recenter yourself and dominate in the post-COVID working world.…more »

Life Hacks

Balancing Self-Sustainability With Community Living

December 27, 2021 By Sam Bowman

The need to become a more sustainable society is clearer than ever before. Yet, in an age where making the changes to become more sustainable are highly important, many of us are left wondering exactly what we can do that will make a difference. The need to change is vast, and sometimes it feels like one person could never make an impact.…more »

Career Development

“The Great Resignation Boom:” How To Resign Professionally

September 27, 2021 By Sam Bowman

The COVID-19 pandemic radically changed our lives, especially how we work. During the virus, many companies sent people home to work remotely and employees far and wide were generally thrilled at the change. Now that vaccines are making their rounds, companies are asking their employees to come back to work in person. Unfortunately, this shift back to normalcy is causing what many are calling the “Great Resignation.”…more »

Well Being

How Outdoor Hobbies Can Keep You Motivated

June 30, 2021 By Sam Bowman

Ah, the great outdoors. There’s nothing like time spent in Mother Nature to help you stay motivated, focused, passionate, excited, energetic, in shape — the list goes on and on. What is it about the outdoors that makes it such an effective motivation tool? Here are just a few of the different ways that going outside can impact your mood, your mind, and your mental health for the better.…more »

Project Management

Managing A Global Team: How To Encourage Collaboration And Communication Across Time Zones

June 21, 2021 By Sam Bowman

In order for a global team to be successful, though, you need to focus on the two C’s: collaboration and communication. Without these, your diverse remote workforce can very quickly descend into chaos. This is difficult, though — particularly when your staff may be spread across multiple time zones. This is why you need to put strategies in place that help make your business a virtual space that is not just practical for your planet-wide workers, but also a company that they want to keep contributing to.…more »

House & Home

“Spring” Cleaning Tips For Busy Parents

May 24, 2021 By Sam Bowman

Keeping a home clean is difficult at all times. Doing so when you have kids, though, is a particularly stressful kind of clean. Not only are there more people actively destroying your living spaces, but little kids, in particular, are limited in how they can help to clean up the mess. If you’re a parent who is gearing up for some annual "spring" cleaning, it’s important to go into the process with a plan in place. Here are some tips to help you find spring cleaning success this year. …more »

House & Home

Using Minimalist Concepts To Improve Your Living Space

March 15, 2021 By Sam Bowman

If you’ve been facing down a sub-par home for the past year or more, it’s time to do something about it. Fortunately, you don’t need to take on a huge DIY home improvement project to do so. Here are a few simple-yet-effective ways that you can use minimalism to improve your living space quickly and with minimal effort.…more »


How Important Are Credit Scores?

December 1, 2020 By Sam Bowman

Whether you are a business owner or you want to buy a new car, if you have bad credit, you will be in for a rude awakening. While your friends and family see you for who you are, companies only know you by your credit score, and if it is low, you might have to pay more or be turned down for a loan altogether. Let’s talk about credit scores and why they are so important.…more »

Well Being

How Mental & Physical Health Are Connected

August 31, 2020 By Sam Bowman

Physical health is often easy to manage. Most people understand how to take care of their bodies, whether they choose to or not. It’s also often easier to tell when you’re dealing with a physical problem. You might experience pain, or something just feels “off” inside. Mental health, unfortunately, can be harder for some people to recognize when it comes to basic care and noticing the signs of a problem.…more »

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