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How To Get A Summer Body: Workout & Diet Tips

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How To Get A Summer Body: Workout & Diet Tips Staff
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Are you worried that you won’t get to that “sculpted” figure before summer starts? We will help you with that – here are some effective tips that will help you to look great before you show up on the beach in your new swimsuit. In this regard, we have decided to gather all the tips in one place that will help you tighten your body in the fastest possible way!

Optimize Calories Intake

The maths is simple: if you want to lose a few pounds, you have to burn more calories than you ingest. Dietitians say that the loss of about half a kilogram of body weight per week is actually approximately 3,500 calories less during the week or 500 calories less every day. This is difficult to achieve just by following a diet, so your best option is to reduce your calorie intake by about 200 to 300 per day, and burn the rest with exercise – cardio training such as running, cycling, or walking because they are also the most enjoyable choice of activities for this time of year.

Include Strength Training Into A Weekly Exercise Routine

Some experts advocate cardio training as suitable for fast and efficient weight loss, but the best choice is a combination of cardio and strength training. Why is that? Strength training converts excess body fat into muscle. Not only will your body look beautiful but you will also increase the basic level of calorie-burning since more muscle “eats” and more calories during the day to maintain muscle mass.

Drink Enough Fluid

Getting enough fluids is always important, but it’s even more important when temperatures start to rise. Proper hydration of the body will serve you well on many different levels – it will optimize body functions (especially your metabolism), preserve the fresh look of your skin and help you get full, so you will consume fewer calories. Pure water is the best choice, but you can combine it with fresh, natural smoothies that also contain fruits and vegetables.

Eat Meals Regularly

Contrary to popular belief that fewer meals a day help you lose weight, almost all dietitians and fitness experts recommend eating regularly throughout the day – 5 modest meals are usually the best choice if you follow the rules to eat more in the morning and more modestly in the evening. If you skip a meal and starve, your body will start storing fat, believing that it is in danger and you will actually achieve the opposite of what you want – to get in order before the summer! You don’t have to skip snacks, just make sure you choose healthy ones like nuts. Check out what are the healthiest nuts to eat and eat them between meals.

Make Your Life More Active In Everything

You can’t just visit the gym three to five times a week – you should also make important changes in your daily life, which should be more active. How to do it? You can start by walking to the local store if possible.

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