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5 Fitness Faux Pas That Could Be Holding You Back

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5 Fitness Faux Pas That Could Be Holding You Back Staff
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When starting a new fitness regime, we all tell ourselves that hard work will translate to big progress. Unfortunately, millions of enthusiasts will discover than this isn’t necessarily true. In truth, only a small percentage of people ever turn their visions into reality.

If you’ve struggled to hit your goals despite working hard, the lack of progress could be attributed to various sources. Here are five you must treat ASAP.

1. A Lack Of Energy

Dragging yourself to the gym when you feel tired is commendable. After all, consistency is an integral feature of your fitness journey. However, exhaustion will reduce your level of performance. If you are on a weight loss journey, it’s important to eat enough calories to fuel your workouts. Regardless of your fitness goals, you must also pay attention to your sleep patterns. Good quality sleep will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to attack the day ahead – not only in terms of your fitness, but in all aspects of life.

2. No Immediate Motivation

Long-term incentives are easy to find. It could mean fitting back into an old pair of jeans, improving your 10km PB, or getting a six-pack. However, all of those challenges take time, which could allow you to fall into the trap of no motivation due to a lack of urgency. A fitness tracking watch can help you set short-term goals and milestones. Crucially, by monitoring your progress, there will be a clear indication when your performance slips. This allows you to find a solution before major problems surface.

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3. Too Much Repetition

All exercise is good exercise. And if you are training to improve your sporting performance, repetition is vital for unlocking the best performance. However, if your goals are focused on strength, weight loss, or endurance, it can be a progress kill. Keeping your body and metabolism on its toes is essential for significant improvements. Besides, adding a sporting activity or new routines can keep your fitness journey feeling fresh from a mental perspective. While you will have ‘go-to’ routines, a little variety is vital.

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4. Poor Recovery

If you are committed to achieving great results in regards to your fitness, you will push yourself to the limit. At least in some of your sessions. This can lead to minor niggles, not least inflammations. Aiding your recovery through CBD oil, which reduces inflammation, massages, and rest is vital. Likewise, post-workout nutrition must hit the desired standards. Otherwise, subsequent sessions will suffer as a direct consequence. In truth, the habits formed outside of the gym are as crucial as those inside it. Do not underestimate it.

5. Schedule

It’s easy to assume that workouts will produce the same results regardless of the time. In reality, though, some people will naturally perform better in the morning than the evening, and vice versa. This can be influenced by energy levels, what you’ve eaten, and a host of other contributing factors. Therefore, taking the time to analyse which times work best for your specific requirements should be a priority. When you find a strategy that suits your body as well as your lifestyle, success will follow.

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