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6 Amazing Benefits You Get By Exercising With A Trampoline That You Didn’t Know

6 Amazing Benefits You Get by Exercising With a Trampoline That You Didn't Know

6 Amazing Benefits You Get By Exercising With A Trampoline That You Didn’t Know

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By Bec
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Do you wish to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle but dread heading out to the gym? Do you wish exercising was a bit more fun? Well, now it is!

As the name suggests, trampoline exercises involve a trampoline and we all know how fun trampolines can be. For most people, whether they are 4, 14 or 34, jumping on a trampoline is a fun-filled exhilarating experience. It makes exercising more appealing and once you get hooked to it, you are likely to look forward to your trampoline workout.

The cherry on top – trampoline exercising is not all about fun and games. Instead, it is a serious form of exercise that involves the entire body and ensures you remain healthy and happy. In other words, there are multiple benefits of opting for exercising with a trampoline.

Benefits of Trampoline Exercises

While most people are more or less aware of almost all benefits of getting on the treadmill or strength training exercises, not everyone knows the benefits of jumping for joy, in other words, trying exercising on the trampoline. From improved health to weight loss, there are many known and some less-known benefits of trampoline exercises. Scroll down to take a look at some of them.

1. Stay Energized Throughout the Day

Have you been feeling a bit lazy or lethargic lately despite getting enough exercise daily? It may be because while your body may be getting exercised, it may still be unable to produce enough energy. So how does it work? How is energy produced and can trampoline exercises really help you stay more energized?

Well, research shows that oxygen intake increases dramatically when you indulge in trampoline exercises. In fact, the oxygen intake while on a trampoline is around 68% more than you are on a treadmill. Now, when the oxygen intake increases, oxygen circulation around the body is also increases. When cells get more oxygen, they produce more energy. Hence, by working on a trampoline for even a small amount of time, you can stay energized and remain active throughout the day.

2. Lose those Extra Pounds!

To remain healthy, it is essential to maintain a healthy BMI. Unfortunately, due to the unhealthy lifestyle choices that most of us make, maintaining a healthy weight is a common struggle. However, trampoline exercises can help you shed the extra pounds in a fun and effective way!

Exercising with a trampoline is a complete body workout that helps you lose weight quickly. It is because these exercises burn more calories than most other forms of exercising. Another advantage of opting for this type of exercise is that you’ll be spoilt for choices. From basic hops to Max Jumps and Jumping Jack, there’s a lot you can do on the trampoline. So try out different trampoline exercises and stick to the ones that work for you and help you lose weight.

3. Detox Your Body on the Trampoline

Most people will agree that working out with a trampoline is a unique form of exercise. With every jump, your body experiences a shift in gravity. The weightless state achieved when you are in the air works to improve the lymphatic flow in the body.

The lymphatic system is responsible to get rid of toxins, waste, and other unwanted materials in the body. When you jump on the trampoline, the lymphatic valves open and close inside the body, this increases the lymphatic flow by around 15 times. As a result, your body detoxifies itself naturally.

4. Stronger Bones

Most people feel to see the link between stronger bones and jumping on a trampoline. How can jumping on a trampoline make your bones strong? Well, with every jump, pressure is exerted on the bones. As you bounce up and down, the gravitational force exerted on the bones works to strengthen them. As a result, the bone density improves and the chances of developing conditions like osteoporosis and arthritis decrease considerably. Apart from bones, your joints and tendons are also strengthened.

5. Put That Trampoline to Good Use

Do you have a high-quality 8ft round trampoline in your backyard that you used to love as a kid but now hardly anyone uses it? Well, if that’s the case, it is a good idea to brush and up and get on it again. You will not only feel connected to your inner child but it will also put that trampoline to good use. And if you haven’t hopped on a trampoline in a while, you will be surprised to experience the liberating feeling of being in the air again!

6. Help with Other Exercises

So you already have a workout routine just work just fine for you. Why would you want to bring trampoline exercise into it? The reason is pretty simple – trampoline exercises can help improve the effects of other exercises. This is why a lot of people love to combine trampoline exercising or rebounding with other types of exercises like strength training and weight lifting to make the most out of their workout routines.

Apart from these benefits, exercising with a trampoline is also good cardio, improves coordination, keeps you active, and even improves your mental health. It will leave you feeling less stressed and will also promote better sleeping patterns. In conclusion, it is a great form of exercise that is not only fun but also has so many benefits to offer. If you are not already doing it, it’s time you get on your trampoline to benefit from this unique form of exercising!

About The Author
Bec is a wife and mother of two who works part-time in the childcare industry. Bec has over 20 years in childcare and a real passion for helping children develop their motor skills. Currently, she works as a marketing consultant with OZ Trampoline – Australia’s leading trampoline online trampoline store that sells different types of trampoline, like 10ft trampoline, 12ft trampoline, rectangular trampoline etc. Being a busy mum, Bec is always looking for new outdoor activities to keep her and her family entertained and is a big fan of teaching children
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