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4 Yoga Poses For Relief From Pounding Pain

4 Yoga Poses For Relief From Pounding Pain

4 Yoga Poses For Relief From Pounding Pain

The modern world has brought with it plenty of conveniences to make our lives comfortable and easy. But along with that, it has also made us more prone to diseases and ailments, thanks to sedentary lifestyle, bad eating habits, lack of exercise and more. Over the passage of time, things start to complicate and the lack of focus towards health and well-being soon starts to show its effect in numerous forms, the most common being pain.

When it comes to pain, the most common are headache, stomach ache, pain in the shoulders and neck and back pain. Though, there are many who suffer from pain in different parts of the body, but these are the most common. However, it is not at all advisable to neglect such pains and immediately get it checked by a general practitioner. But, there is another way to keep pains at bay and develop a healthy body and mind. How? Yoga is the answer. The ancient sciences has been instrumental towards keeping the body fit and healthy as well as keep the mind calm and focused at all times. There are examples of people who are living well past their 80s and 90s without any signs of ailments or diseases, courtesy yoga.

So, now let’s have a look at 4 yoga asanas that you can try on daily basis to avoid pain in the body as well as enhance your fitness and stamina.


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Like life begins in infancy, let’s start our soulful Yoga journey with the Child’s pose. Balasana, as it is called in Sanskrit, subsidizes all kinds of pain by calming down the nervous system. When it comes to relaxing the mind, it is very impactful. The asana promotes holistic breathing, which is an awesome way to feel relieved. People who are suffering from migraine are recommended 5-6 minutes of Balasana every day in the morning.

To practice Balasana, kneel down on the floor and sit on the heels. Bend the body in the forward direction by placing the chest on the thighs. Bring the forehead on the floor, in front of the knees and extend your arms to place them parallel to each other on the mat. Enjoy breathing in the position and let tensions flow away from the mind and body. The practice of Balasana is also beneficial in lengthening the spine that has a huge impact on the brain. Balasana is a great for strengthening the knee ligaments, enhance blood circulation and strengthen the lower back.

Viparita Karani

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Enjoy the upside-down flow of energy throughout the body parts with Viparita Karani. Most of the Yoga programs, including Yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, include this asana as a part of their curriculum. Its impact on the health and wellness of the mind and body is fascinating. What actually happens after long hours in the office is that the mind becomes still, monotonous, and irritated in some cases. There is hardly anything to cheer about. The Legs-up-the-wall pose instills energy and vigor in the mind of a person so that there is no place for any form of pain left.

The practice of Viparita Karani is interesting as it is practiced with the help of a wall. Lie down on the mat with the legs up in the air, supported by a wall. A right angle is created at the pelvis joint. You should keep your body in a free state and the back completely in contact with the ground. When practiced on a regular basis, you will enjoy ultimate peace of mind. The asana gives relieg from back ache, stretches the neck, front torso and back legs as well as offers relief from cramped feet and legs.


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Padmasana is an integral part of Yoga. It is considered important in multiple religions, including Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. The signature sitting style of these religions’ principal deities, Lord Shiva, Gautama Buddha, and Mahavira, is Padmasana. The Yoga asana is associated with the idea of complete serenity. It brings one closer to God, a place where there is nothing to worry about. Padmasana is also known as the Lotus Pose. The asana is a cross-legged sitting practice, which leads to the epitome of tranquility.

Since the major cause of stress in the modern time is the heavy workload, Padmasana regulates the idea of managing one’s working ability. When a number of things are running in your mind, you tend to lose your conscious quite often. With the practice of Padmasana on a daily basis, you can learn how to maintain peace in the mind. Concentration is again a major element that gets dealt with the exercise of Padmasana. Give at least 8-10 minutes to Lotus Pose each morning and bless your days with ultimate happiness. Daily practice keeps the ligaments and joints flexible, develops good posture, calms the brain, etc.

Adho Mukha Svanasana

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Witness an amalgamation of physical exercise and yogic fun with Adho Mukha Svanasana. It is also known as the Downward Dog pose, making the exercise an interesting practice to practice at home with family members and friends. One of the most popular Yoga poses, Adho Mukha Svanasana is all that one can ask for getting relief from throbbing pain. Its beauty lies in the fact that it helps boost the flow of blood in the brain, promoting mental rejuvenation. The asana is extremely important when you talk about healing the brain and soul of a practitioner.

During the practice, only the palms and the toes/soles are in contact with the ground while the rest of the body parts make a mountain-like structure with the buttocks at the top. Make sure the knees and elbows are unbent. Along with promoting mental serenity, the exercise releases strains from the spine, nerves, and muscles of the body. Apart from that, the asana also stretches the calves, hamstring, shoulder and hands as well as helps prevent osteoporosis.

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