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10 Reasons To Start Strength Training

10 Reasons To Start Strength Training

10 Reasons To Start Strength Training

There is no better way to improve your own physical and mental performance than to start strength training. This does not mean that you will look muscular like a man, as in the female body testosterone is not produced, which stimulates muscle growth. But if you are still skeptical about this type of training, there are several reasons that will make you change your mind:

1. Burns More Fat and Calories

If you want to burn fat more efficiently and be able to get rid of calories faster, then try strength training. After you have finished exercising, your body remains in fat-burning mode. This is called the effect of excessive post-training consumption, and it does not occur if you only do low-intensity cardio.

2. Reduced Injury Risk

Strength training helps to prevent the risk of muscles, bones, ligaments, and tendons injuries. During strength training, collagen production is increased, which is the primary fiber of connective tissue. Due to the fact that the bones become less fragile and the muscles become stronger, the risk of injury decreases.

3. Metabolism Accelerates

There is a direct link between your metabolism and muscle mass, as muscles have mitochondria that convert glucose into useful energy. With the loss of muscle mass, the number of mitochondria decreases, which means that metabolism slows down. In order to speed up your metabolism, you must gain muscle mass and strength training will help with that.

4. Improve Heart Function

Scientists from the Canadian Medical Center have proven that during strength training, patients improve the performance of their heart. People with coronary insufficiency stabilize heart rate, cardiac muscle strength, and increase general endurance.

5. Relieve Stress

Strength training has a positive effect on mental health. When you lift dumbbells at least twice a week, all your attention is focused on it. Your brain does not think about problems at work or at home, which decrease the stress level. By noticing positive changes in your body you will be more confident and able to focus on positive changes in your life.

6. Posture Is Corrected

Most of us must blame ourselves about curved posture. Fortunately, you can improve it by working with weights and following the instructions of the coach. This will help you increase your bone and muscle strength, and get rid of shoulder and back pain.

7. Energy Increase

After you start your strength training, you will notice a huge difference in your energy level. Each muscle wakes up and begins to work effectively in order to process food into energy. This helps not only to lose excess fat but to reduce inflammation in the body, which means that you begin to feel light and mobile.

8. Reduced Risk of Diabetes

Diabetes is one of those diseases that significantly complicate a person’s life, regardless of age. The best thing you can do to combat this complex disease that requires a boring strict diet is strength training! A team of scientists conducted an experiment with a high fructose diet. They found that those who are engaged in strength training, have a high tolerance to glucose and insulin sensitivity.

9. Sleep Improves

After you spend so much time maintaining the tone of your body, you will sleep better and forget about the problem of insomnia. If lately you have been unable to fall asleep for a long time and get up late, try strength training and pay attention to changes in your state.

10. Improves Flexibility

Stretching and compressive movements help build strong muscles and improve the flexibility of the whole body. Try different workouts on different parts of the body, alternating them with stretching exercises to increase the benefits of training.

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