20 Meditation Techniques To Help You Sleep Better

20 Meditations For Better Sleep

20 Meditation Techniques To Help You Sleep Better

During these trying teams, we’re all a little more stressed that usual – and that’s totally understandable! You may be worried about your job security, stressed about health issues, be cooped up in a small space trying to work from home while the kids run riot. There’s a lot to get stressed about and this could be impacting on your ability to sleep.

Getting a good night’s sleep is hugely important for your health and mental wellbeing so the guys over at Sleepare have put together a fantastic list of bedtime meditation videos which you can take a look at if you’re unsure how to go about meditating or would like to be guided through it.

The great thing about meditation is that you don’t need any specialist equipment – although there are plenty of meditation apps available if you prefer this method – you just need a few spare minutes of time and somewhere quiet to sit or lie down.

So, what’s stopping you? Use the tips below or let us know how you meditate and what videos/apps you use in the comments below.

10 Easy Meditations For Better Sleep

The follow meditations are perfect for beginners or if you only have a few minutes to spare.

10 Easy Meditations For Better Sleep

10 Advanced Meditations For Better Sleep

The following meditations are slightly more advanced and I’d recommend trying a few of the basic techniques first before tackling these.

10 Advanced Meditations For Better Sleep


Make sure you hop on over to the Sleepare blog for more great advices on sleep, bedding, and how sleep affects your health

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