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Why Social Commerce Is More Important Than Old-Age Social Marketing

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Why Social Commerce Is More Important Than Old-Age Social Marketing

We are starting by quoting the most basic definition of Social Commerce.

“Social Commerce is the act of selling and promoting products and services on various social media platforms. Social commerce allows users to complete their entire buying journey on Facebook, Instagram, and their other preferred platforms without having to visit the e-Commerce website.”

For years, social media has been a breeding ground for e-Commerce brands and businesses and was mainly used by them for engaging, interacting, and targeting their potential customers. Little did they know how tremendously there will be a shift in trends leading to shoppers directly shopping on social media platforms.

Why Did Marketing & Selling Become Social?

Did you know that an average person spends more than 2 hours a day daily only scrolling through their social media feed? Moreover, they spend much more time on social media as compared to other means of entertainment.

Such prolonged social media surfing hours gave eCommerce brands and businesses a big reason to target their audience on social media.

Additionally, social media mainly comprises users from Generation Z or the Millenials who mainly browse the social media for window shopping or taking shopping inspirations. Hence, they are far more likely to purchase products as compared to other users.

However, social shopping is not just limited to these age brackets. A large percentage of other users also utilize social media for shopping and looking for products.

When we talk about social media and social shopping, we cannot ignore the significance of smartphones and how the emergence of social media apps completely revolutionized shopping experiences for consumers. This is the reason why a majority of users shop using mobile devices rather than laptops and computers.

Reasons Why Social Commerce Is More Result-Driven Than Traditional Social Marketing


Gives A Social Experience To The Users

Shopping on a social media platform offers a much more communicative and interactive shopping space to the users as compared to visiting the website and shopping.

The users can seamlessly shop while scrolling through their social media feed. Moreover, social commerce platforms allow users to explore likes, comments, and feedback from other customers and purchase accordingly.

A Chance To Increase Conversions & Revenues

More than 80% of shoppers research a brand and its products on Instagram and Facebook before making a final purchase. Why not make it easier for your users to shop and enable them to purchase without leaving their favorite platform?

Moreover, the social commerce industry is likely to surpass 735$ billion in the next three years.

Doesn’t this give you a reason enough to adopt social commerce into your business as well?

Offers A Much Easy Checkout Process

After being redirected to the eCommerce website for the purchase, the users again have to go through the process of looking for the product, adding the item to the cart, filling multiple forms, and finally making the payment to complete the shopping journey. This process has an increased chance of customers getting agitated and abandoning the cart in between.

However, the shopping scenario through social commerce is much different. The shopping journey and confirmation process can be completed by the user in a few easy steps. The best part being, the users can complete the journey without having to leave the platform.

Provides An Opportunity To Collect User-Generated Content

Through social commerce, you can easily collect feedback from your users and get clarity on what they are experiencing with your brand.

Moreover, why do you need to indulge yourself in social marketing when your customers can be your biggest brand ambassadors?

Here is a fact for you – More than 85% of shoppers rely on User-Generated Content while deciding to purchase a product.

It is quite well known that just like people trust people, customers trust other customers more than the content published by the brand.

Social commerce provides brands an incredible opportunity to collect User-Generated Content that helps brands improve their revenues and sales.

Moreover, there is no content as genuine, authentic, and trustworthy as User-Generated Content, and using it can help you build a solid social proof and social media presence.

Closing Note

Undoubtedly, social commerce is a game-changing marketing strategy that needs to be adopted by all eCommerce brands and businesses. Even though a majority of brands are already leveraging social commerce and reaping the amazing benefits.

Here were a few crucial reasons as to why and how social commerce is more powerful, result-driven, and effective than traditional social marketing strategies.

If you are an E-commerce business and are still using plain social marketing tactics to amplify your profits on social media, then you surely are missing out on a lot and instantly need to leverage social commerce into your business. We are hopeful that this blog has provided enough reasons for you to do so!

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