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How To Set Your Content Marketing On Autopilot

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How To Set Your Content Marketing On Autopilot

Content marketing is hard. I’ve always found it a challenge.

There’s enough work already without having to constantly think of new ideas and trying to find insights into your audience to deliver the right content at the right time. So here are some specific ideas that we found that have worked well for us, and our clients.

Know Your Audience

Put yourself in your audience’s shoes. As a business owner, or marketer it can be quite challenging to take a step back and remember that they are ultimately consumers of your content.

This is especially challenging because you’re on the coalface of the company and making big decisions – so taking that step back and thinking about it from their side is important. Perhaps it’s longform content, maybe it’s video content, or maybe it’s something new, like interactive content

Taking polls and surveys can also really help to find out more. If you want to do this without making a public post about it, one strategy is to run an Ad targeted only to your audience/ retargeted to visitors of your website with a questionnaire. Free survey and questionnaire tools like Campaignware can help greatly here. This can be a very low cost test of the content strategy, before you invest significant amount of time or money.

Check Out Your Competition

Run a competitor analysis to see what’s working well for your competitors, then write the definitive version of that content. You can use inxpensive tools like Ubersuggest or more expensive ones like Ahrefs to find what’s driving high amounts of traffic, then invest in making the absolute best version of that. BuzzSumo is also great for much broader searches.

Campaignware management screen

Use The Right Tools (For Free)

Find software with lots of premade content templates and tools that have already done the hard work – so you can pick and choose the ones that are right for you and your audience. You’ve likely seen it before with meme generators and things of that nature.

I learnt this the hard way during my time working in Agencies where we constantly struggled to come up with content for our clients. We had a limited span of content to draw from especially niche businesses. We built Campaignware to remove that challenge for our users so they can customise content that’s ‘ready to go’ for free.

Here’s an example of a ‘Friends’ quiz that can be made in minutes.

"Friends Quiz" on a mobile screen

Stay Relevant

Look at Google Trends to see what’s trending and piggyback off that for relevant but topical content . For example here’s some content tapping into the popular show Squid Game, and the Facebook outage.

Squid game meme of old man looking sad


These 4 options are simple, painless and either free or low-cost ways to help automate your content marketing. There is a lot of ‘trial and error’ involved, but this can be an advantage too.

You have the opportunity to be a leader in the space and create endless streams of traffic if done well, or you can aim to be a ‘fast follower’ and outcompete against others in the market by creating the content they can only dream of.

About The Author
Adam is the founder of Campaignware, an interactive content creation platform that helps entrepreneurs and marketers create interactive content for free, with no coding or complexity. Prior to that he spent 10+ years learning his craft building and creating campaigns and digital products for clients across Sydney, Australia. Adam also teaches Digital Marketing, Product Management and UX at institutes including General Assembly and the University of New South Wales. In his free time he enjoys making music, cooking and trying to teach his dog to fetch.
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