September 26, 2019

The purpose of every business is to sell. Sometimes, this means a service, other times it’s a product, but you can offer both too. When a venture doesn’t fulfill this fundamental role, its future is put at risk. Even if you didn’t become an entrepreneur for wealth, you must make money to survive. Thousands of companies fail every year because they can’t do this. If customers aren’t buying from your business, make sure you find out why - and this article is here to help with 6 things that may be affecting your sales. … Read More »


August 19, 2019

You can’t have a good business without a sales and marketing section in your business. They both work towards the same goal: securing business and helping the business grow. However, they both do it very differently. With that being said, if your sales and marketing departments aren’t working together, then you’re living in the past. In this article we look at how you can successfully bring them together to grow your business. … Read More »

Blogging & Business

May 1, 2018

There was a time when if you had a product or a service that was worth selling, you’d had to spend a fortune on overheads, setting up your own physical store or practice, or sell your products on to a store chain who would offer you a pittance compared to what they would make on […] … Read More »

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