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The Importance Of Self Care During A Crisis

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The Importance Of Self Care During A Crisis Staff
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In the midst of all the uncertainty we’re faced with, a lot of us are filled with anxiety and worry over a lot of things. Some of us have spent lockdown season without giving thought to our physical appearance and health. Others have been plagued with overwhelming thoughts that somehow triggered panic attacks and depression.

Even if the states are reopening now, people still can’t seem to get over their concerns. If we put a premium on self-care before the pandemic hit us, all the more that we must make a conscious effort now in taking care of our health, both physically and mentally.

Physical Health

Taking good care of our physical bodies goes beyond grooming and hygiene. Of course, getting a haircut, going to a cosmetic dentist for oral care, and other similar stuff help make us feel good about ourselves.

However, when we say physical health, we’re talking about how healthy our bodies are amid the pandemic.

The World Health Organization has given us recommendations on how to keep the novel coronavirus at bay when the disease started to spread outside China, its country of origin. The CDC has given us guidelines on how to deal with it at the homefront. The emphasis was on social distancing and hygiene.

People started to become more health-conscious. More folks started eating healthily and exercising to boost their immune systems. A lot of people are getting sufficient rest.

Keeping one’s physical body in tip-top shape can help protect you from getting infected with the disease. However, we also need to think about our mental health.

Mental Health

Since the pandemic hit U.S. shores, almost everything was put on hold. Routines, plans, and lives were severely affected by it as the governments of the world put all of their efforts and resources to work in fighting COVID-19.

This has caused industries to come to a grinding halt, leaving billions of people around the world with no income. In the U.S. alone, millions of people were sent home with no job or financial security in place. While most of white-collar America were allowed to work remotely, a lot of people weren’t as fortunate. Some were laid off, some furloughed, and some others have no assurance if they have jobs to go back to once the lockdowns have been lifted.

This has caused a great deal of panic and anxiety in a lot of people. Worrying about health and finances at this time is understandably too much to bear for any person.

The amount of stress that this pandemic has produced should never be ignored. Stress negatively affects our health. If left undealt with, it could seriously damage not just our bodies but our minds as well.

This is why being mindful of our mental health is very important. We need to take responsibility for our mental health and others’. It may be hard to maintain our sanity in light of all the chaos and uncertainty we’re facing but we need to address it.

Several ways can help a person deal with anxiety and depression such as having some semblance of normalcy by creating routines while under home quarantine. Not being hard on yourself when things don’t go your way also helps. You need to learn how to work with what you can control and let go of those you can’t.

Focus on things that you can be thankful for. A grateful heart does wonders for one’s well-being. Read books, listen to music, meditate, write a journal, keep yourself occupied. Surround yourself with people you know won’t judge you and will uphold you at this trying time. Spend more time with your loved ones instead of online where your exposure to negative things is high.

Looking beyond your needs can also help keep you sane. Look for ways to help your neighborhood or community. Serve people. Check-in on older people and see how you can be of help.

Taking care of oneself is important especially at this time. We’re living in unprecedented times. This pandemic has upended a lot of things in our lives and dramatically reshaped the way we live. If we learn to take care of ourselves, we put ourselves in a position to better serve our loved ones. If you care for them, you need to care for yourself.

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