Revolutionise Your Garden: Flex Your Green Fingers

Revolutionise Your Garden: Flex Your Green Fingers

Do you look at your garden with dread! Well, don’t! A few simple changes can get your garden into shape and you’ll improve your physical and mental health in the process. There’s no time like the present so read on to see how you can whip your garden into shape right now!

Revolutionise Your Garden: Flex Your Green Fingers
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Gardening is one of those tasks that we often look at as a chore when in fact it can be a fantastic way to improve our physical and mental health and although winter might not be the usual season in which to consider any garden renovations, if you take the plunge and revolutionise your outdoor area in the colder months, you could have your garden ready in time for those balmy summer days. You’ll soon be feeling better, firing up the barbecue, pottering about with the marigolds, chilling out with a book and a glass of bubbly in your hammock and inviting pals round for a spot of alfresco dining. Take a look at these ideas that will help give your garden a makeover ready for the summer.

Clear The Clutter

You can make your garden feel larger by simply clearing out the clutter. By investigating grab hire, you’ll soon be excavating the old tree stumps, weeds and rockery while getting rid of the near-derelict shed. By using a grab lorry, you’ll make light work of your garden clearing project. With your outdoor area levelled, you’ll have a blank canvas on which to create your brand new garden.


It always pays to create zones within your outdoor area to add interest to your garden. Think

about what you want to utilise your back garden for.

If you love cooking up a storm in the kitchen and having your nearest and dearest around for foodie soirees, think about creating a large patio area perfect for a spot of outdoor dining. If you adore the horticultural aspect of gardening, you could set up a gerbera garden, a wildflower area, a veggie patch or a greenhouse. If a more sculptural and artistic area appeals, you could make plans for a water feature or an ornamental garden.

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Depending on your likes and interests, you could create a garden with numerous zones that are usable and create extra outdoor living spaces.

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There is no easier way to create a relaxing ambience than with subtle and appropriate lighting. By installing a range of solar-powered lighting at foot level, placing fairy lights around tree trunks and putting feature coloured lighting within water features, you can create a tranquil and unique garden that looks as beautiful in the moonlight as it does in the sunshine.


If you fancy a garden that benefits your health and well being as well as being a usable outdoor space, you should consider planting a tree or two. Not only will you be doing an extra little bit for the environment, but you’ll also be creating a more stress-free environment. Scientific studies have suggested that those people living near trees suffer less from depression and anxiety disorders than those who don’t. Perhaps the idea of tree hugging isn’t as ridiculous as the notion first appears.

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If you take a look through your back window to see a lifeless, bland and drab outdoor area staring back at you, don’t wait until the summer to rectify the space. Take action now, clear out the clutter and revolutionise your outdoor area to create your dream garden that you can utilise all year round. You’ll also find yourself feeling better both mentally and physically from all the hard work you’ve put in.

As well as having an impact on your outside space, as mentioned previously gardening can really benefit your health. From burning calories to improving your dexterity, gardening can bring about a whole host of health benefits that you may not have thought of.

Not convinced? Check out Backyard Boss’ “Health Benefits of Gardening” article – it’s sure to convince you to get off the sofa and out into the garden.

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