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Get Your Bedroom Space Ready For 2018

Get Your Bedroom Space Ready For 2018

Get Your Bedroom Space Ready For 2018

Your bedroom is a place that should encourage relaxation and stress relief, but it can be hard to relax in a cluttered and disorganized space that looks more like a cave than an oasis of peace. If your bedroom’s size or your decorating habits make it look smaller than it actually is, here are some easy ways you can make more space in your bedroom.

Make Use Of The Space Under The Bed

Even though it goes against Feng Shui rules, the space under your bed is actually great for storage. There you can store items you don’t use every day. You can invest in storage containers (those with wheels are especially practical*) that are super-cheap. If you fear that they will ruin the aesthetics of your bedroom, you can get ones in colors that complement your color palette, or repaint them yourself. They can also easily be hidden with bed skirts.

Storage under bed


Organize Like A Pro

Oftentimes, the problem of space can be easily solved with better organization. For instance, a good folding technique and a few drawer dividers can provide you with more storage space in a blink of an eye. If your main problem is where to store your out-of-season clothing items and linen, you can vacuum-pack them. This way, they’ll take up less space, leaving more room for some other items.

Pick The Right Colors

Ok, this home improvement trick will not provide you with more space, but it will certainly make your bedroom seem more spacious. For instance, dark colors can make even the biggest of bedrooms feel small and dark. So, if you want to create an illusion of space, paint your bedroom walls and ceiling in lighter colors to open up the space. If you love dark colors, you don’t have to give them up, just use them moderately in the form of throw pillows, rugs, bed linen or accent art pieces. Also, introduce as much natural light as you can to improve the overall mood of the space.


Black furniture against grey wall

Utilize Narrow Space

If your bedroom has a small and narrow space that is left unused, try to utilize it with practical floating or invisible bookshelves. Normal shelves can’t fit into such a tiny space (unless you go custom), but floating shelves can. You can even make them yourself in only half an hour.

floating shelves


Make Smart Furniture Decisions

Shopping for bedroom furniture can be tricky since bedrooms are usually not the biggest rooms in a home. However, if you opt for rectilinear furniture, you will save up some significant space.

For instance, a curved wardrobe will have less storage space while taking up more walking space in your bedroom. Wall-mounted nightstands will maximize your floor space and make your bedroom seem bigger. You can also pay attention to your door orientation, or better yet invest in sliding doors.

Many homeowners in Australia take these door options in consideration because they take up minimal space. Another great thing for your bedroom is a built in wardrobes. They are a huge trend in Australia, like in the rest of the world, because they can significantly save space. There is a variety of built in wardrobes in Brisbane which Aussies like and which can save you some space and improve the flow in your bedroom.


mirrored wardrobe

Get A Foldaway Desk

If your home office is located in your bedroom and if your desk takes too much space, here’s a perfect solution for you: get a foldaway desk that can practically disappear when you’re not using it. This will provide you with ample workspace without permanently taking up too much space.

Once you utilize these organizing and decorating tips, your bedroom will be a space where you can relax without unnecessary distractions and suffocating clutter. Once again, your bedroom will be your private little retreat that provides you with the sweetest of dreams.

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