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Home Carpet Cleaning Advice – The Benefits of Maintaining A Clean Carpet And Dangers Of Dirty Carpet

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Home Carpet Cleaning Advice – The Benefits of Maintaining A Clean Carpet And Dangers Of Dirty Carpet Staff
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The level of care and maintenance invested into your home’s carpets is more important to home life than you may think.

There is hardly anything more attractive or inviting then a beautiful carpet that exudes freshness and spotless appeal. By the same measure, a filthy carpet can be a repulsive and noxious element in an otherwise attractive setting. As a centerpiece that ties the elements of the room together, the conditions of the carpet can make or break the entire interior.

Carpet cleaning is an essential part of enjoying a carpeted home, everyone knows this. But, aside from good hygiene, why is it so important to clean the carpet regularly? Are there advantages to keeping the carpet in perfectly clean conditions constantly? Why can’t regular cleaning be postponed until you feel up to the task? What does good carpet cleaning mean anyway?

If these questions have ever popped into your mind as you pushed your vacuum from room to room, you have come to the right place. In the following sections we will take a look at the importance of good carpet cleaning, the dangers of dirty carpets and some guidelines for keeping your carpets spotless and fresh.

Benefits of Clean Carpets

1. Keeps the Carpet Looking Clean and Fresh

What’s the most noticeable difference between a brand new carpet and an old carpet? The sharp crisp colors and bright looks, of course! The colors of a new carpet come from bright clean individual fibers free of dirt and its destructive effects. Regular cleaning is an essential part of maintaining this freshness as long as possible.

2. Improves Air Quality

All the airborne particles that sweep into the room through the windows and doors will settle on the carpet. If these are vacuumed immediately, there is no chance that they will be kicked back into the air. Many of these airborne contaminants include pollen, allergens and other particles that can affect the breathing and hamper ones health. Regular cleaning keeps these pollutants from increasing in numbers right under your nose.

3. Increases the Value of the Carpet

Regular cleanings mean that your carpet will be less susceptible to the damage that dirt and contaminants can have on the structural integrity of each carpet fiber. As these carpet fibers are filled with dirt, they are less resistant to pressure from foot traffic and can become smashed down easily. Cleaner carpets maintain their bounce and are therefore more resistant to traffic pressure, stains and other damages –– effectively increasing the carpet’s lifespan.

Disadvantages and Dangers of Dirty Carpets

1. Unpleasant Atmosphere

A room with an unclean carpet will quickly become a vortex of negativity. No matter how often you clean and dust, the surfaces and air will be constantly filled with noxious odors and dusty clouds. This miasmic influence can begin passing its unpleasant odors and to other furnishings in the room, especially upholstery. Not to mention, the carpet itself will begin to take on an unappealing dingy look.

2. More Serious Contaminants

As the types of contaminants in your carpets become more varied other plant and animal life may be attracted to the warmth and food sources available to them. Carpets make an inviting home for a variety of life forms from foul-smelling bacteria’s, musty molds and fungus and even dust mites and bed bugs. These creatures begin to multiply and add their spores, feces and skin shedding’s to the hodge-podge of filth in the carpet fibers.

3. Health Risks

If the carpet is cleaned regularly, but not regularly enough, foot traffic will have a chance to trample dirt into the carpet fibers where the vacuum is powerless to lift them. However, as time passes and the absorption level of the lower carpet fibers reaches maximum capacity, billowing clouds of pollutants will be released into the air with each footstep.

These will carry toxins, spores from molds, allergens from insect droppings and shedding’s along with whatever else your carpet has managed to collect high into the air. When they find an appropriate host they can impact the health dramatically. Some of the bad health conditions that can come from dirty carpets include mild cognitive effects, irritative symptoms, and asthma.

4. Environmental Issues

Most carpets today are made of synthetic materials that won’t decompose well. The more service life you get from your carpet, the more you can relieve strain on waste management systems and the environment.

Components of Proper Carpet Cleaning

Keeping your home’s carpet clean and hygienic will involve a three-fold approach that addresses all your carpets needs.

1. Regular Carpet Cleaning

The cornerstone of your carpet cleaning plan is a committed effort to remove dust, dirt and contaminants before more arrive on the scene. This will probably mean cleaning 2x times each week, perhaps more if you have guests, kids or pets. Even if you are very clean and live alone, the dust that settles on the carpet each day should be removed at least once per week.

How Often: 2 – 7 Times a Week

2. Emergency Response

The minute your carpet is in place it seems the universe conspires to spoils its spotless appeal. Don’t get mad, get ready. There will inevitably be a coffee spills, wine drops or some other disaster, but there is a remedy for every one of them. Take some time to read up on the magic of white vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and club soda for addressing very carpet catastrophe in the book. Then keep cool and act quickly.


3. Professional Deep Steam Carpet Cleaning

Finally, no matter how carefully you vacuum or fast you clean the stains, your carpet will eventually begin to look a bit aged. As diligent as your cleaning methods are, there is something profoundly more effective about supporting them with regular professional carpet cleaning services.

Professionals have the right steam cleaning equipment to restore your carpets to factory conditions. Even the bounce and structure of carpet fibers is restored to a certain degree, minimizing the appearance of traffic damage.

Professional carpet cleaning performed by a reputable company like Dynamik Carpet Cleaning who have offices all across USA make it easy to perform home cleaning and make the carpet more resistant to stains and damage. When finished with the deep steam cleaning, there will be no traces of cleaning agents, allergens, pollutants, spores or anything else. You could even have them add a carpet protector so your carpet is more resistant to future stains.

How Often: For low traffic homes, once every year or year-and-a-half should be fine. For high traffic locations, twice a year or more depending on the quantity of traffic.

In Conclusion

Keeping a carpet clean and hygienic is a major responsibility and requires dedication, consistency and a workable plan. Be sure to include the advice for proper carpet cleaning to gain all the wonderful advantages of a clean carpet and avoid the dangers of dirty carpets.

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    Thank you so much for talking about the health risks of dirty carpets in a very in-depth way. I used to think that as long as carpets don’t get overly stained or dusty, they’re fine to continue seeing use in our home rooms. However, now that I know how easily they can cause problems to people’s health, I’ll make sure I visit a carpet cleaning expert regularly and have them clean my carpets often.

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