Ready, Set, Vlog: How To Set Up A Successful YouTube Channel

Ready, Set, Vlog: How To Set Up A Successful YouTube Channel


Only a small fraction of YouTubers ever reach more than a million subscribers and ensure success. Learn how you can come up with a lucrative channel today

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One of the most popular careers at the moment doesn’t involve advanced degrees but rather engaging in online entertainment. Many people now want to become YouTube stars either as a full-time job or as a way to supplement their other careers. However, making it big on the internet is extremely difficult without a lot of preparation or sheer luck.

One of the best metrics for continued success in YouTube is the number of subscribers a channel has. According to one study, over 2.3 billion users have channels and accounts on the platform.

But a successful channel needs at least 1 million subscribers to rake in a lot of money through ad revenue and sponsorship deals. Many users look for opportunities to buy YouTube subscribers on WP Dev Shed to get massive follower count in no time. And how many channels ever hit this mark? Only between 23,000 to 25,000.

To make YouTube your primary source of revenue or help with your career, here are a set of steps you can follow to ensure your success.

Invest In Great Equipment

Before you even make your first video or look for an interest niche, you will need some great equipment. The basic equipment for starting a vlogging career is a camera, a microphone, decent lighting rigs and a laptop for editing and uploading. Naturally, some of these can be acquired later.

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For example, you can start with a good video camera or webcam and rely on natural lighting. If your laptop isn’t equipped with a good processor, look for outsourced services offering video editing until you can purchase your own editing computer. Just make sure you have at least two of the necessary tools.

Study The Algorithm

The YouTube algorithm is naturally withheld from public scrutiny to prevent content creators from gaming it but you can research what people assume makes it tick.

For example, content creators are sure that the algorithm looks favorably at videos that have a lot of engagement such as comments or lead to users subscribing to your channels. But why should you study the algorithm before making videos?

Knowing what may help the platform promote your videos is essential in integrating these components in your early content. This is when you need the most help building up an audience. Without some form of understanding of the algorithm, your videos will essentially be shots in the dark.

Find An Interest Niche

YouTube channels are defined by the niche interests they represent and success often depends on whether you are tapping into a relatively unexplored niche or bringing something new to an established niche.

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Examples of interest niche range from channels specializing in unique autonomous sensory meridian response videos to people who delve deeply in the curious quirks of Russian architecture. To find the perfect niche to g row your channel, you need to determine what you are interested in first.

Audiences can tell whether you are truly passionate about a subject and it will help you motivate yourself as you make videos. Second, you need to make sure you are bringing something new to the table.

Even if a niche is relatively small, you may find it difficult to get more than a few hundred views, if that, without bringing something viewers haven’t seen before to the platform. Having a nice video intro can catch your audience’s attention so make sure to make one that represents you and your brand, as well as drawing the viewer’s attention to the screen. And to save time and effort, you can use Intro Maker for this.

Come Up With Content Schedule

The YouTube algorithm and users themselves enjoy it when the channels they’ve subscribed to have a regular posting schedule. This informs them of when they can look forward to new content and enjoy their favorite YouTube personalities. Regular content posting also lets the algorithm put your channel at the top of search rankings and suggestions because it recognizes that you are a reliable source of new material.

If you are making short clips less than a handful of minutes long, twice, or thrice a week is manageable given the editing time needed. If you are making 20- to 30-minute-long videos, one a week uploads with minimal editing is highly suggested. But if you enjoy making detailed, hour-long deep dives, a monthly posting schedule is the appropriate choice.

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Form Partnerships

Finally, don’t underestimate the importance of forming partnerships with businesses and other YouTubers. These types of connections can help you funnel new viewers and subscribers.

Partnerships with businesses is also one of the major revenue streams of content creators as your promotion of their goods or services can yield sizable monetary compensation. Always watch out for possible collaboration or sponsorship opportunities that could boost your channel’s subscriber count and profitability.

Becoming a successful YouTuber is an uphill battle, given the billions of users you’d have to compete with. But the correct steps and a great start can make all the difference when establishing your channel and laying the groundwork to future success.

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