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New Branded Media Content: The Medium for Building Love & Affection between Brands and Consumers

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New Branded Media Content: The Medium for Building Love & Affection between Brands and Consumers

One of the most important goals of brands is to develop a love connection between consumers and their brand. However, as we are getting deeper into the age of social media, it is getting increasingly difficult to achieve this bond through traditional advertising methods. Print ads, banner ads, and billboards just don’t have the same ROI as they used to.

More than ever before, people are now inclined towards a memorable experience with their brand’s appeal and products to connect with a specific brand. In contrast with the consumers’ behavior, if a brand isn’t fully equipped with the content media, it can feel misleading or just an advertisement to the audience.

The Need For Strategic Branded Media Content

All of us are active on social media, and so are brands. What’s your experience with basic principles and bits of advice on social media marketing?

In recent times, is it that easy for you to make people just like a brand’s Facebook page or to have them engaged on Twitter?

Social media evolution has compelled consumers to expect more. Humans don’t want to be advertised to but want awareness, information, and entertainment… whatever you want to name it. They want the experience that can only come as a result of strategic creativity.

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The Top Branding Trends For 2023

Having a brand that remains the same throughout your business success can actually hinder progress and kill a brand. Your brand should always be reflecting what your business is all about. Times change and consumer and industry trends are continuously changing and this

Consumers need valuable content coverage that they can relate to – content that includes all the possible solutions to their problems.

  • This solution-driven content will rev consumer engagement, and people will start experiencing the brand magic.
  • The story can be something that a brand offers integrated into the newsletter or storytelling sponsored by the brand with individuals’ social media accounts.
  • Whatever the content sponsorship norms are, they should be transparent to the public. Publishers and sponsors should provide full disclosure.
  • At the same time, there has to be some form of a call to action in a branded content piece. You can’t miss that part.

The Role Of Content Creators

Social media’s growth and popularity just led the individual platform’s top content creators to influence audiences that number in the millions.

For brands, collaborating with these content creators, YouTubers, Instagrammers, photographers, and voiceover artists is now one of the most effective ways to reach and engage with consumers who spend hours each day on social media platforms and look to top influencers to make purchasing decisions.

  • A prominent digital entrepreneur and the face behind a digital marketing blog, Jeff Bullas (dot) com, Jeff is a top social media marketing influencer, and his blog acquires more than 5 million visits every month.
  • Dixie D’Amelio is an Instagram sensation. With millions of followers on her TikTok account, she shares funny and dance videos with fellow TikTok influencers.
  • Ollie Usher, a London-based sound artist, is deeply involved in sound and moving images and brings his magic into his projects. He has collaborated with creative projects like Ratchet Film, Rankin Film, and Bring Me the Horizon rock band’s songs.

Mercedes-Benz continues to work with a variety of social media stars on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest, and YouTube to appeal to millennials, a demographic that has been particularly difficult for luxury brands to reach. Similarly, Disney recruits YouTube fashion vloggers to increase sales of clothing and merchandise lines. The content created by social media professionals illustrates how companies are using influencer marketing campaigns to tell authentic stories about the brand’s product.

It’s not just the big brands like Disney and Mercedes that are jumping on this bandwagon – bloggers and new content platforms are as well. Some companies are developing brand ambassador programs as a way to dive deeper into branded new media content generation, while others, like Real Clever, are developing their platforms to connect brands with respective influencers.

There is so much potential to capture part of your influencers’ audience and build a connection back to your brand when working with an influencer (AKA YouTuber or Creator) on branded content. It’s easy to allow brand objectives to override the goal of engaging the audience and creating great content. Great branded content sponsorships are likely to get more views, comments, likes, and shares and will easily outperform traditional advertising campaigns.

It’s Not Conventional Form Of Advertising

Advertisements are a one-way street. Fortunately, with the help of YouTubers and influential content creators, brands have the unique opportunity to create an interactive, two-way conversation with a YouTuber’s channel subscribers.

Instead of simply telling your viewers what to think for 30 seconds (i.e., the traditional 30-sec TV spot), your branded content can reach out and proactively engage them with resonance. The content creator and YouTube influencer can create an authentic dialogue with your target audience consumer, and can also help make your brand relevant to their audience.

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The goal is to make enticing branded content that can be instantly turned into an ongoing conversation. You want to make branded content that elicits audience participation and prompts viewers to hit the “like” button or immediately share with their friends and family.

Are you ready to incorporate branded media content strategy into your marketing campaign?

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