How To Boost Workplace Productivity Using Mobile Technology

How To Boost Workplace Productivity Using Mobile Technology


If your business hasn’t embraced mobile technology yet then you may be missing out on massive opportunities. From increasing worker productivity to customer satisfaction, allowing the use of mobile tech in the workplace can create a lot of opportunities that will make your business a better place to work for, and deal with.

How To Boost Workplace Productivity Using Mobile Technology
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Access to information and applications of business through mobile technology is increasing. The growth of adoption of this technology in the world has made business managers wonder how to position their companies to benefit from this trend. For many companies today, mobility is already part of their business model.

With a fast-moving society, there is no doubt that mobile technology is no longer limited to accessing email. Instead, it is about integrating it with various apps and software to allow workers to collaborate with their teammates out of the office and allows business managers to communicate with their staff, vendors, and customers whilst out of the office.

So, why should businesses be adopting mobile technology as an integral part of their business?

Allows Access To Company Data Anywhere

Mobile technology enables workers to access company data and resources wherever they are as those data are not tied to a single location.

Whether your employees are out on sales calls or working from a client’s site, mobile technology can help them in keeping in touch with you and their team members. It improves productivity as they do not have to go back to their office to obtain those data. They can easily use company resources from anywhere, anytime.

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Changes How Company Does Business

Apart from allowing employers access to company data anywhere and anytime, mobile technology has also changed how the company does business. Companies can offer new products and services, which are valuable to your clients. Making it easier for your customers to contact, interact with you or view the data that you share will make you stand out of the crowd when compared to competitors.

Improves Communication

Mobile technology provides companies an unprecedented connectivity among customers, vendors, and employees. Your workers can easily download an app on their mobile to connect with others. Your firm can also use native app to encourage direct communication with your audience in various ways. It also allows real-time communication, which is vital to improving customer service and delivering better products and services.

For instance, when you make a presentation to a client, you can tell the client to download the product information to learn more about it. Your clients can also ask quotations and do interactive order processing. And if they want to know whether or not such product is still available, you can check the stock levels of that product through the office network and without going to the stockroom that is miles away from you.

You can also interact with the other members of the team while you travel as you can send and receive emails, collaborate with vendors and deliver trip reports in real-time.

Receive Immediate Feedback

The interactive nature of this technology allows easy sharing of information. With that in mind, you can get instant feedback on the products and services from your clients. The speed of obtaining feedback will help your company conduct faster research and develop new products to stay ahead of the competition. Furthermore, you can upgrade your products at a faster rate.

When your customers know that, they can feel their essential role in your company’s development.

Introduces New Way To Advertise And Market Your Business

Mobile technology has removed those limitations in advertising and marketing. You can easily disseminate information about your products and service on mobile phones, websites, mobile apps, QR codes, IVR messaging, etc. What’s more is that you can customize your message to reach a targeted audience. In addition, you can integrate a text message API with your business system so you can programmatically send SMS messages. This type of API allows you to combine your existing communication applications with a bulk SMS service in order to get more leads and conversions.

It is possible through software that can read information on individuals about what they seek when they use their mobile devices. From there, you can display your ads related to that information. With this kind of message customization, marketing becomes more efficient. And because your customers are always using their mobile devices, the chances of them seeing your ads are high. Mobile subscribers will read a text message after receiving it. The majority of them respond within an hour. Thus, you should consider advertising through SMS as well and you can get started quickly by setting up an email to SMS gateway.

Enables Employees To Perform Their More Efficiently

Mobile technology simplifies workforce management as it can handle timecards, track job and worker status and automate dispatch, as well as deliver work orders. It also allows mobile payment and digital forms for data collection and approvals. And if you have a rental property, you can use the best apps for landlords to accept online payment and application.

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Companies that embrace mobile technology no longer use paper for their work orders or inspection forms. With the use of their mobile devices, they can bring automation to those processes and update the back-office system immediately. The use of GPS provides turn-by-turn directions and enables business managers to track the location of their drivers, thereby, easy reporting on their mobile workforce and evaluate it.

You can see your employees on a map and assign them new jobs based on their current locations. From there, they can confirm receipt and accept the job. Not only that, but it also improves the safety of employees as they can quickly send alert to the headquarters.


Companies that embrace mobile technology is likely to be more efficient. It also encourages more people to work with your company. It is an advantage to your business considering the competitive challenges that every business has to face in recruiting and retaining talent.

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