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How To Improve Workplace Productivity In 2020 Lockdown?

Illustration of man working from home during coronavirus

How To Improve Workplace Productivity In 2020 Lockdown?

As the COVID-19 pandemic brought almost everything to a standstill everywhere on the globe, Work from Home (WFH) fast emerged as a practice that nearly every professional came across. The complete or partial lockdown triggered the alarm bell in the corporate world. To ensure that the economy flow does not completely shut down, Work from Home was as an option that everyone embraced.

However, this new work environment forced upon us by the pandemic has its own set of advantages and drawbacks. Initially, people felt being isolated and found it to be a little challenging. It is always difficult to get hold of the balance between employee motivation and maintaining a healthy office environment that improves workplace productivity.

As the Work from Home culture intensifies, here are some tips that will help you succeed and improve workplace productivity in 2020 lockdown.

Get ready for a full-time obligation

Work from Home may seem like an enjoyment when it is occasional. However, as it emerges a new workplace norm, you need to equip your mindset a little. The reality of working from home as imposed requires you to tweak your lifestyle a bit.

First thing, you need to act as if you are going into the office. While you will have more time to relax as you save yourself from the commute, but there are a few essential aspects of this workplace setting that you should not miss. Set up space and get ready for work such that it is convenient and ergonomic for you.

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Skill enhancement

No matter what’s the situation or the work environment is, you need to invest time on skill development to improve quality, productivity and soft skills. Join online sessions for training and other purposes, and then the social media platforms can be of good help here for you. Workplace productivity in these times of lockdown will immensely depend on it.

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The good thing is that you rely on the internet for almost getting all your tasks done and training becomes more accessible through the internet. Just stay a little more updated and conscious, and all becomes convenient for you.


When it comes to the Work from Home scenario, devices, or different forms of technological tools are your new colleagues at the workplace. These rarely disrupt your work, and on the contrary, will assist you with productivity. Start with gadgets that add to your comfort and bring in efficiency. For instance, monitor holders that reduce neck pain, prevent eye strain, improve posture and more, vital when you are working for long hours at home.

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If you are having difficulty in adapting to this new work culture, no issues, embrace and be assured of its contribution to your overall team productivity. You can opt for technology like IP-based security systems that easily let you monitor, your teams progress. With superior image quality and scalability options, these can work as your support powerhouse.

Constant communication

It remains pivotal in workplace productivity in the new workspace setting as well. Create online communication channels and keep your team members updated. Adopting a casual communication style will be of help in these times. You can have a variety of options here that can make the workflow smooth and efficient. Similarly, it would help if you devised ways to communicate with your customers, clients and business partners as well. Just stay connected, and everything else will fall in place.

Encourage self-care

Yes, these are trying times for your employees both mentally and physically. With limited or no socializing, stress and anxiety are common, creating a clear threat to the productivity of your employees. Encourage and provide professional guidance such that your team takes care of their physical, mental and emotional health.

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