How Certified Resume Writing Services Change Lives

How Certified Resume Writing Services Change Lives


A good resume is your key to getting your foot in the door. A poorly written resume can mean that your application is discarded even though you may be the best candidate for the job. Professional resume writing services can help and if you’re not sure what they are and what they do then this article explains their services.

How Certified Resume Writing Services Change Lives
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In a million years would have never thought that certified resume writing services would play an integral role in my future when I was a kid. I did spend my childhood writing any time I could get a spare minute, but I thought I’d like to be a novelist or storyteller when I grew up. Sure, I went outside and played on swings and slides, threw balls, and hung out with my friends, but one of my greatest joys was time spent with a notebook and pen.

My stories would come alive in my imagination, and I would get a kick out of putting them on paper and sharing them with others. Reading my stories and poems made them smile. It was awesome! The words that I wrote were positively impacting someone else’s life.

As I got older, I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to do for a living. I’d always considered my writing a hobby, and I never took it seriously. I knew that I wanted to help people, though. That was about it as far as I got with career direction for years.

I rescued a bird that was injured once, and I spent some time volunteering with Greenpeace as a young adult. I dreamed for a while of becoming a doctor, because I knew that could make a major difference in people’s lives, but I quickly found out that blood and I don’t get along very well. So that plan went out the window too.
Floundering, I took some odd jobs to make the ends meet somehow. Then something amazing and life-altering happened to me.

Taking the Plunge

Some of my friends started asking me to help them with their resumes as they got ready for promotions or to change careers. I was a little taken aback at first because I’d never done anything like that before, but I figured I’d give it a go. After a bit of research, I helped them craft their story in a page or two of a resume or cover letter for kicks.

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Some of them were so impressed with how I could tell their stories on paper that they paid me for my work. You mean I could get paid for this, even if it were a side hustle? That certainly got my attention, and I began to do it more and more and start saving some money.

This was all more of a hobby for me than anything, but I enjoyed it. Gradually, however, I realized that I might have just stumbled into a career that was the perfect combination for me: making a positive difference in people’s lives and writing. I understood that I could become a professional writer and create an impact on the world without writing novels, short stories, or essays (although I still love to do that on the side).

From Passion To Profit

So I made the leap to become a certified resume writer, and I now can enjoy helping individual clients share their skills and experiences to help them land the positions of their dreams.

I obtained the necessary skills and perspective to apply my writing talents to resume writing to make the most impact possible for each client’s resume. I treat each client as an individual who has something unique and special to share with potential employers. I take the time to get to know them to share their stories clearly and beautifully.

How I Work with Clients

Working with clients to find out their strengths and their goals is critical to writing a resume for them that transforms their old, tired resume into one that will make hiring managers want to call them for an interview right away. Highlighting the most important aspects of a client’s background and experience for a particular position and relating it directly to what an employer wants in a new hire is pivotal, and the people on my team and I do it superbly.

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Additionally, we are experts at structuring a resume so that it draws attention to the most important aspects of a client’s work experience, and we help them to identify the skills and tasks in each position they’ve held that are relevant for the position they want to apply for.

This is not an easy task, and it requires some conversation and deep thinking on both the client’s and our parts so that the resulting resume is one that will fly through applicant tracking systems and land right on top of the hiring manager’s pile of applicants to interview.

The certified resume writing service that I can provide people are critical to boosting my clients’ abilities to move upward and onward in their lives. Each of the writers on our team is warm and friendly and shares the same passion that I do to write well and to use that talent to help our clients reach their professional dreams.

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Elise is a multitalented writer and editor with a strong educational background and experience in resume, cover letter writing, Linkedin profile development. Adept at researching and fact-checking a range of specialized topics, especially Applicant Tracking System algorithms. She is a great expert in finding and showing your unique value to potential employers with your resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and interviews for land more interviews and job offers at the salary you deserve.
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