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Can I Excel In My Career Without A Networking Certification?

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Can I Excel In My Career Without A Networking Certification? Staff
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Are you trying to decide if getting a certification in networking is right for you? While obtaining a certification is not always mandatory for networking careers, it is a key component to keeping your skills current and staying ahead of the competition.

In addition, it helps you stay on the cutting edge of technology and opens the door to more job opportunities or promotions with employers who prefer or require certifications. Below are a few reasons why pursuing networking certifications is beneficial to your career.

1. Access

One benefit of obtaining a networking certification is the access you gain to highly skilled and motivated professionals. Through study programs and other educational resources, you can connect with leading experts in the field.

By developing a good rapport with your mentors, you can continue to draw upon their knowledge and forge a long-standing professional relationship with them.

By pursuing certifications and additional knowledge, you will also have the chance to collaborate with other individuals who are working to reach the same goals, while continuing to build those beneficial relationships throughout your entire career. A networking certification journey enhances your professional network as well.

2. Knowledge

Getting one or more networking certifications will help anyone pursuing a networking-related profession to succeed and refine their knowledge. There are many different certifications to choose from including CCNP Security & Enterprise, Palo Alto Networks, and CCIE Security. Many IT professionals find achieving multiple certifications makes them even more qualified and prepared for their role.

For example, those in the IT field with a certification made 7% more than those without, but those with multiple certifications made an additional 2% per additional certification.

3. Qualification

Networking certifications give you an edge because they serve as proof that you are qualified in and dedicated to the trade. Studying for, taking, and passing certification courses and exams shows a higher level of devotion to your career.

Employers look for this level of commitment when they sift through applications. Many employers even list specific certifications as prerequisites on their job postings. By not having certifications, you could possibly be removed from the applicant pool for many organizations.

4. Money

More than 90% of businesses believe certifications are key parts of the hiring process. Money can be an important factor in any career and certifications often lead to higher earning potential. They provide the opportunity to apply for higher-paying positions, and many of the highest paying employers select candidates based on the certifications they have achieved.

Additionally, having a certification in your field gives you greater leverage in negotiating for or earning a higher salary. If you already have a job, getting a certification can help you too by demonstrating your critical knowledge and expertise. Being able to point to specific certifications and qualifications that make you better for the position will strengthen your resume and give you a leg up when searching for jobs.

5. Confidence

Obtaining certifications helps develop a healthy sense of pride in yourself and the successes in your career advancements. That confidence will help you continue to grow and improve your abilities at work as well.

With a certification in networking, you can secure unparalleled access to the networking community, expand your knowledge base, prove yourself as a steadfast supporter of the field, and acquire higher positions as well as greater pay. Start your journey today and become the most connected and productive networking professional you can possibly be.

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