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Entertainment Marketing Tactics That Can Set Your Business Apart

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The last decade has ushered innovation in the marketing landscape. Apart from the digital boom, entertainment marketing has emerged as a strong strategy. Without any doubt, the impact that entertainment can make on your audience is immense. So you can well imagine the kind of success that this form of marketing can drive for your brand. However, you need to do it the right way for making the maximum impact. Since everyone else is probably doing it, standing apart is the key. You cannot expect to win with a conventional approach, rather you need to go the extra mile with your tactics. Here are the ones that can set your business and brand apart.

Tactic #1- Sell the experience

When it comes to entertainment marketing, you need to focus on selling the experience rather than work on bits and pieces. The competition out there is fierce and you have to think differently to get the audience’s attention. This is only possible with immersive experiences, which are all about the content that has the potential to engross them.

The experience should be like an event, even if the customer is watching or listening from home or a retail store. When you weave a campaign, consider involving the audience. It could be by including gaming, quiz, or opinion polls so that the potential customers come ahead and participate.

Tactic #2- Invest in video marketing

Entertainment is meant to be visual because that is how you can capture the attention of the audience. No matter what your business niche is, leveraging video marketing is the key to successful campaigns.

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The Different Types Of Videos Every Marketer Should Know

Any ardent marketer understands the need for videos as a marketing strategy. With most consumers preferring video, most video marketing content tend to reach more target audience. It also helps your page rank higher in search engines with a better conversion. Not all video

Brands using videos witness revenue growth much faster than the ones that don’t. Social videos are particularly effective as they generate 12 times more shares than text and images combined. You can well imagine the kind of difference this tactic can drive for your brand. The best part is that you can leverage plenty of different platforms for video marketing and videos do not cost a fortune these days.

Tactic #3- Focus on authenticity and transparency

Brands that are authentic and transparent are able to gain the trust of the audience and build relationships for the long haul. The same mindset should reflect in the way you promote your brand, whether it is through traditional advertising, digital marketing, or entertainment marketing solutions you leverage for promotions.

Get your content from authentic and trusted sources. If you collaborate with celebrities for promotions, pick ones who are relevant to your brand, and have a good reputation as well. Being credible even with the entertainment you offer presents your brand as one that the audience can trust completely.

Tactic #4- Be selective about the content you use

While you should prioritize authenticity and transparency, there is also a need to be selective about the content you use for promotions. Even though you would want it to entertain the audience, make sure that it doesn’t mislead or hurt their sentiments.

Ideally, you should step in their shoes and pick what they would like rather than go ahead without a plan. Surely, it makes sense to opt for popular and trending stuff but think twice before associating anything or anyone with your brand. Whatever you choose will be a part of your image, so you must choose with care.

Tactic #5- Think outside the box

Standing out in the crowd requires an outside-the-box approach because you cannot expect to hold attention with something that everyone else is doing. Surely, you will have to stick with the basics like the standard options for content creation and promotion such as social media and YouTube videos. But trying something amazing and different with content and platform can deliver outstanding results.

Consider collaborating with a specialized marketing agency for some good ideas, while influencers and celebrities may have some advice from their experience.

Tactic #6: Keep your followers engaged

Like any other form of marketing, entertainment marketing is a consistent effort rather than a one-time initiative. You would certainly want to attract new customers with it but keeping them around long-term is equally important. Investing in retargeting campaigns is the way to go. You can do it smartly with tactics such as creating a video series that has them back for more again.

Follow your audience and engage them with compelling content pieces that match their interests and preferences. The more personalized you make things for them, the better it is.

Entertainment marketing sounds like a lot of work but it has a huge potential when it comes to engaging the audience and keeping them hooked with your brand. Embracing these tactics can take you a long way in the right direction.

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