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Why The Wellbeing Of Your Staff Should Be Your First Priority

Why The Wellbeing Of Your Staff Should Be Your First Priority

Why The Wellbeing Of Your Staff Should Be Your First Priority

Stress at a workplace for an employee can have both physical and mental effects. In certain aspects, it can become unmanageable which can have a major impact on their behaviour whilst in the workplace. Employees can become disengaged with their work and their productivity begins to reduce which will have an overall impact on the business. This is why employees wellbeing should be your first priority as it can collectively increase the success of the workplace, lowering the chances of stress-related causes occurring.

So what are the other reasons why companies should consider improving workplace wellbeing? Here are a few reasons.

Staff Turnover Decreases

A nightmare for business owners is having the reputation of their workplace being a revolving door in terms of staff coming and going out of the company. There are many reasons why this is, including their general health and wellbeing being poor whilst working there.

It’s important to ask yourself whether you feel you’re caring for your staff enough whilst they’re working for you and if there’s anything that you can implement to improve their wellbeing and health. Examples of this can be regularly interacting with your staff to ensure that they’re okay. You could also implement programmes that can improve wellbeing such as Cycle To Work days or providing counselling services. In doing so, staff will feel more valued and well looked after, increasing your chances of retaining top talent.

Keeps Staff Engaged

Excess workload and illness in employees can cause them to feel less disengaged with their work. Having an emphasis on improving the wellbeing of your staff means they’ll have less of a focus on stress and more focus on managing their work. Also in return of having a focus on staff wellbeing, they’ll feel as though the company care about them so they’ll go the extra mile for the organisation and try to do well.

Prevent Staff From Becoming Ill/Take Time Off Work

Indoor air quality is one of the prime causes for staff becoming ill. In a confined space, your staff will be sharing the same air and have particles that will linger in the atmosphere. This is why it’s important to enforce measures that will prevent the build up occurring. A cost-effective method is simply opening windows throughout the day so fresh air can circulate or simply purchasing a few small plants to place around the office. The benefits of plants around the office are extremely effective.

Alternatively, if you have the benefit of having various ventilation systems in your office, ensure that the stainless steel ductwork is checked on regularly so that it’s working well and doing its job. Health and safety measures should also be ensured so staff members remain safe whilst in the workplace.

Why Is The Workplace Good For Improving Wellbeing?

Wellbeing isn’t just concerned in the workplace. It can reflect on what happens in an individual’s personal life and other aspects of it. Considering the number of time employees spend their time in the workplace, it’s an ideal place for wellbeing to be improved. Schemes and changes made in the workplace environment are just some of the examples that would encourage better health and wellbeing.

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