Why Teaching Could Be The Best (And Most Noble) Career Choice

Why Teaching Could Be The Best (And Most Noble) Career Choice


Teaching is the kind of profession that appeals to many people from all different kinds of backgrounds, educational levels, and passions. For many people, teaching really is the best job they could have chosen. In fact, teaching could be the best career choice for you too.

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Teaching is the kind of profession that appeals to many people from all different kinds of backgrounds, educational levels, and passions.

There is just something about the idea of being able to help young people, shape their minds, and become an inspiration to them that sounds wonderful.

For many people, teaching really is the best job they could have chosen. In fact, teaching could be the best career choice for you too.

Of course, before making an important decision about what you want to do in life and taking the necessary steps to get there, it’s crucial you understand exactly what that all means and what you would really need to do. This is just the same in teaching as anything else. With that in mind, here are some of the reasons why teaching could be the best career choice for you and why you need to research the idea long and hard before getting started.

Job Satisfaction

It’s so important to be happy in your job. The issue is that this is only evident after you have already started in a lot of cases. You’ll educate yourself, you’ll get a job, you’ll start working, and then you’ll realize you don’t enjoy what you’re doing. You can either continue with what you are doing or change jobs, and the latter idea is a much better one than sticking with something you really don’t like.

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If you work in a job you don’t like and that doesn’t offer you any job satisfaction, you’ll find that every other aspect of your life takes on a negative air, from your hobbies to your relationships.

If you decide that teaching is the right option for you in terms of a job, it’s highly likely you will have great job satisfaction to go along with it. Studies have shown that teachers have one of the highest levels of job satisfaction, with ninety percent of them saying they are satisfied or very satisfied with their work.

Job Security

The job market is a volatile one these days. There are a number of reasons for this: One reason is that there is a lot more freedom to change jobs if you want to – if you find you don’t enjoy what you’re doing, it’s easier than ever to find something new to do, even if that means further study. Secondly, automation is changing the world of work, and it means that some jobs are no longer required. If a place where you’re working becomes more automated, you might find you no longer have a job.

All of this – and more, including the economy – means that job security isn’t always easy to come by. Even if you love your job and you’re doing well at it, if the company you’re working for runs out of money or the owner is able to save money by automating the processes you work on, that job might disappear.

Teaching is not like this. The world will always need teachers, and no matter what age group you want to teach or what subject you are most passionate about, you’ll find that, once you have a job, as long as you are good at what you do, it should be yours until you choose to leave or retire.

Something else that makes teaching such a long-term job is the career advancement opportunities you can find within it. There is always room to move on and up. No matter where you want to end up, teaching will help you get there.

Meaningful Work

Some jobs are not meaningful. You go to work, do what is asked of you, and you might feel as though if you hadn’t done it, nothing would be different. This can become frustrating and could even cause mental health issues such as depression and stress.

Teaching is the kind of profession where, if it’s not done, the difference will really be felt. Teaching is essential; without education, nothing would be done as no one would have the skills, learned from an early age, to go further. The economy would be much worse, businesses would fail more frequently, and role models would be much harder to find. It’s easy to see that teaching is meaningful work that makes a real difference in the world.

From Passion To Profit

If you are looking for the kind of profession that you can be proud of, teaching has to be on the list. Think back to a teacher you admired; what difference did they make in your life? They probably had a big influence on you, and you’ll be able to do the same for many other people in the future when you help them with tips for learning letters or give them scientific knowledge or improve their math skills.

Transferable Skills

When you study teaching, you’re not just studying that particular subject. Although the main focus of your college course will be about education, how to teach, and the curriculum, you’ll pick up a lot more than that over the time of your study, and it is these additional skills that help to make teaching such a valuable and important choice for many people.

Examples of the kinds of things you will learn include understanding other people’s perspectives, research skills, looking into issues affecting children today, learning how to be a good leader (all teachers have to be able to lead and inspire confidence, after all), and so on. All of these skills can be used in any area of your work or your life in general, helping you to make the most out of every opportunity presented to you.

You Have Time To Recharge

While some teachers have summer jobs or use their time off to prepare for the next school year, most see the summer vacation as a welcome benefit of their profession. Teachers are given the opportunity to take care of their own children, spend more time with their families, go on extended vacations, make new and lasting experiences, and just rest over the summer break.

Retirement Benefits

As we’ve said, one of the great reasons why teaching is an ideal career for many people is job security. This security remains even after you retire because teachers receive a number of retirement benefits. How much you will receive will depend on how long you were a teacher and how much you earned during that time, but in essence, you can rest assured that you will receive a good retirement income. After all your years of hard work, dedication, and service, it’s a reward that is well deserved.

You Can Be Continuously Creative

While there is a growing emphasis on teacher responsibility, classroom innovation is still encouraged. Lessons are urged to be creative and entertaining. In fact, the more creativity put into a lesson in the classroom, the more the children being taught will remember it – perhaps it will even be a lesson for life.

It’s A Social Job

When you’re a teacher, you’re always around people, whether they’re students or other teachers and staff. You can enjoy their company and relax during breaks by talking to them, which can make a big difference in how much you like your job and even your health.

People who work with others and talk to them a lot tend to be healthier than those who work alone. They’re also happier, and it’s a good thing to have a lot of friends.

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A Varied Job

If you want a job that won’t let you get bored, you might want to think about becoming a teacher. No two days are the same, and even though you’ll have a lesson plan and a structure to follow, you’ll never really know where the day will take you when you walk into your classroom in the morning. This is thrilling and exciting, and it makes many people look forward to going to work.

Some people like to do the same few tasks over and over again because it makes them feel safe and comfortable, but teaching works well for those who want something different.

Over To You

Have you thought about a career in teaching? Are you a teacher? Let us know in the comments below why you chose (or didn’t choose) that career path and what people need to know that might not be common knowledge.

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