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Unleash The Power Of Flexible Working

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Unleash The Power Of Flexible Working Staff
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If you are expanding your business and looking to hire staff for the first time, you may be asked one very important question when you interview prospective candidates. Do you allow flexible working? This essentially means, will you allow working from home? You need to consider this before you start your recruitment drive.

You may be worried that your new employees will use flexible working as an excuse to be less productive, get up late and enjoy unsecured WiFi in their local coffee shop. This is when you need to trust your staff team. If you don’t, then you shouldn’t be hiring them. Take a look at the best ways to unleash the power of flexible working.


Your staff will try their hardest and work for the good of your startup if you can demonstrate your belief in them. By empowering them and trusting them to manage their own workload a little more through flexible working, you are showing them that you believe in their standards. You trust them to be productive and work at their hardest. To empower is to facilitate an honest ethos of mutual respect.

All too often, bosses choose to command rather than lead by example. By providing workforce management tools from Deputy UK, you can designate tasks online via a platform easily so every member of staff knows their duties for the day. This allows you to maintain control yet empower at the same time.

Work Life Balance

It shouldn’t matter to you whether your staff team work from 7am until 3pm or 11am to 7pm. As long as they get their allocated work done and meet their targets, it doesn’t matter how they achieve this. Some of your team may enjoy the odd pyjama day while checking their emails, organizing meetings and completing audits.

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Does it matter? No, because this provides your team with greater control over their work life balance. Work life balance is the most important aspect to securing your staff team’s mental well being so it’s vital that you allow them control over this aspect of their lives.

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Keep Your Staff Happy

With flexible working, you are inviting your staff to work from home, but they can also work in the office. This freedom boosts staff morale and keeps your staff happy. If you have particularly valued members of staff, you may find them remaining with your company even if they are offered a greater salary elsewhere.

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Nowadays people are starting to value their working environment and freedom over monetary gain. Absenteeism is decreased and you won’t have to endure a sea of yawning faces when you head into the office every morning. As your employee turnover decreases, your image as a family friendly place to work is enhanced.

This can be a valuable marketing tool and attract even brighter candidates to your team.

Being a boss isn’t for the faint hearted. However, by embracing the concept of empowering your employees, you can harness the power of your staff team, and unleash the power of flexible working.

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