8 Reasons Why You Will Need An Autodialer For Your Business

8 Reasons Why You Will Need An Autodialer For Your Business


Many businesses consider cold calling an effective method for generating interests from potential leads and existing customers. But, gone are the times of using conventional landline telephone systems to call targeted audiences. Now is the time to use an autodialer for your business. In this article we look at 8 benefits of autodialers and why you should be using one.

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Many businesses consider cold calling an effective method for generating interests from potential leads and existing customers. But, gone are the times of using conventional landline telephone systems to call targeted audiences. Now is the time to use an autodialer for your business.

An autodialer is software or a device that can call telephone numbers using an algorithm but the phone numbers generated won’t be at random. Instead, marketers take advantage of an intelligent system that promotes convenience (in more ways than one) as they contact target markets.

Continue reading to know the top eight reasons why you’ll need an autodialer for your business, especially if you’re still on the fence about the decision.

1. Improved Operational Efficiency

An auto dialer means a significant reduction in manual dialing. In turn, the system opens doors to operational efficiency as human errors diminish.

Note that a human staff member can make a mistake during manual dialing. Dialing a wrong number might seem like a relatively small error, but those valuable seconds lost contacting potential leads might lead to significant losses for your firm.

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Keep in mind that you’re not the only company in the industry. Your competitors will also be hard at work in trying to gain interest from the same or similar markets. Remember: time is money and those lost seconds may mean eliminated sales opportunities which would otherwise be essential for organizational growth.

Using an automated dialer helps reduce the chances of dialing wrong numbers therefore the calling system can improve employee efficiency, allowing your business to gain more growth opportunities.

Moreover, using this contact system can also deliver other benefits for operational efficiency. Some of these advantages may include:

  • Reduces excessive wait time
  • Reduces or eliminates unwanted call drops
  • Saves seconds manually dialing phone numbers

2. Remain Up-To-Date With Your Staff

Autodialers aren’t one-trick-ponies; these calling systems tend to be rich with features that help businesses thrive. In particular, aim to use an automated contact system with reporting features.

The data gathered from reports can help you stay updated with your sales and marketing staff. Furthermore, the automatic reports help you reduce or eliminate micromanaging, wherein you try to manage the entire business regardless of department or staff member.

Viewing the records also helps you gain better visibility of your calling team’s production. Use the auto-dialing system to view each staff member’s call success rate instead of asking each person directly.

Furthermore, these records can’t lie (unlike humans!) The gathered data should be the accurate results of your calling campaign. Conversely, if you ask a human representative about call metrics, they might not be truthful in order to escape being reprimanded.

Other advantages of using autodialers with automated reporting features may include the following:

  • Measures the entire customer life cycle
  • Monitors lead and client behavioral patterns
  • Develops better insights for marketing strategies
  • Uses the data for employee training
  • Eliminates marketing ideas that may not work

Additionally, you can use the information gathered by the system to identify and correct inefficiencies in calling campaigns. The autodialers can help point vital areas where your staff might need additional training.

3. Target Local Markets

Do you want to market your business in another location, but don’t want to spend a significant amount of money from the company’s budget? If so, you can use autodialers to rent a local phone number to achieve a cost-efficient marketing campaign.

Selecting a local number allows you to advertise in different communities located in various regions. Show your leads and customers that you can operate within their area, even if your business doesn’t have an establishment in those locations.

Also, the said local number might be toll-free, allowing potential and existing clientele to call your company for free to voice their feedback and concerns.

4. Compliant To Marketing Laws

Cold calling and telemarketing have received negative feedback over the years as some marketers tend to be pushy with their sales tactics. Many people are now complaining about these assertive employees, which might be one of the reasons for the development of strict marketing laws.

One of these laws is the Do Not Call (DNC) Registry where people may choose to become exempt from all marketing calls from businesses. However, the registered individuals may still receive calls from other organizations, such as government associations and non-profit firms.

Today, many businesses find it challenging to contact leads while complying with the DNC Registry until autodialers came into the scene. Use trusted auto-dialing systems to reduce the instances of accidentally calling people registered in the DNC. The algorithms used by the system ensures that your marketing team will call target audiences that are willing to accept cold and telemarketing calls.

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Conversely, manual dialing presents businesses with the risk of calling DNC-registered individuals. If that person files a complaint, your company might need to pay heavy fines, some of which might be thousands of dollars per violation.

5. Enhanced Productivity With Blended Campaigns

Marketing is about putting a product or service in an ideal location where a target market can see it. It’s a critical business element that allows companies, regardless of size, to generate income and revenue.

By now, you should know that there’s not a perfect technique to market your brand. For instance, you might be an advocate of social media marketing. But, you might need to garner more interest from additional people if you want to beat the competition.

Note that you can combine different marketing techniques to increase opportunities for business growth. For example, you can combine social media marketing with telemarketing through the use of autodialers.

One of the many major benefits of using autodialers is its ability to integrate itself into other marketing campaigns seamlessly. For example, you can generate interest to a target audience with your social media campaign. Leads will leave their contact numbers in the inbox of your social media page.

Then, put those phone numbers into a list and place it in the auto-dialing system. Its algorithm will choose the best representative to call these leads by looking at various key performance indicators (KPIs).

Moreover, the dialer can automate the switching between inbound and outbound calling. If performed manually, switching between these tasks may confuse agents, resulting in decreased productivity.

Note that you have complete freedom on how you can use autodialers for your marketing campaign. Try to mix this system with other marketing techniques. You might find inserting an auto-dialing system in a particular marketing tactic might not be too challenging as intended.

6. Generate Interest Before Calling

Cold calling can be tricky, especially if the person receiving the call has no interest in purchasing your products or services but you can pique interest using an autodialer even before a representative initiates the call.

Some auto-dialing systems have the call blast feature, which sends a pre-recorded message to a list of voicemail numbers. In the message, you can lead your target market to opt into a newsletter or social media page to confirm their interest. Then, your marketing representatives can contact these interested individuals to set appointments, promote materials, conduct surveys, or close sales.

In turn, the system reduces the number of complaints and negative feedback. Remember, many people are now looking at company reviews, thanks to the Internet. You don’t want your business to receive flak from a target audience because your representative called at the wrong time.

7. Call At The Right Time

Another advantage of using autodialers for your business is you can set the time when the system will make a specific call.

For example, a warm lead wants to get a callback because they might be busy at the time of the call. Perhaps, that individual wants the callback at 2 pm.

Remember, your marketing staff might be busy with other tasks. Hence, it can be relatively easy to forget about that 2 pm callback. Failure to touch base with that warm lead might make that person opt for the products or services owned by your competitors.

Reduce the risk of lost sales opportunities and increase the chances of improving business ROI with autodialers. These contact systems ensure that a company representative will call that interested lead at the right time.

An employee can set the call for 2 pm, and the system will automatically ring that number at the appointed time. That person will feel enamored, knowing that your company is taking care of its audience. Thus, your business is going to be one step closer at closing a deal and increase lead conversion ratios.

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8. Live Coaching

Reliable autodialers tend to provide real-time reports for administrative staff. See generated data as they happen, so you’ll immediately know when one of your representatives might need help.

For example, the average call handling time for your marketing campaign is 15 minutes. But, you see that one agent is on a 30-minute call. Use the autodialer to tap into the call unnoticed so that you can do live coaching for that specific employee. Note that only the staff member can hear your voice, so you don’t have to worry about the lead or customer hearing the words you say.


Autodialers can deliver several benefits to your business. These calling systems can improve employee efficiency, reduce specific risks, and improve revenue. Use a reliable auto-dialing system today, and you might say that it’s the best investment you’ve ever made for your company.

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