Travelling Hack: Travel More and Earn More
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I bet there are a lot of people out there who would rather be traveling across the world instead of trying to protect your home during a polar vortex. In this blog, we will show you people who have made money while traveling. Some people move more in a month than a person holding down a decent job travels in a whole lifetime. You will also find out about the escapades of people who work in the travel industry. Let’s get straight into the nitty gritty without any further interruptions.

1. Let Your Car Make Money for You

If you are going to be traveling across the world, there is no way you can take your car with you. Its value will only depreciate sitting at home or in the airport parking. List your car and earn from your vehicle. The best part is your auto is covered for 1 million in liability and against theft and physical damage contractually throughout the process.

2. Earn a Steady Income from Your House

So if you are not going to be using your car when you are abroad, what happens to the house? If you have a neighbor, relative or a friend who you can trust your house keys with, you can even make money from your home. Airbnb has some of the best options for homeowners. The size of your property doesn’t matter. You can use this website to rent out it. You can even scrutinize and investigate each guest before they actually become your first tenants.


3. Open an Online Store

Today, everything is bought and sold online. You may have acquired a souvenir or handmade relic from a trip abroad which may be quite valuable. Now you are wondering where and how to sell it? eBay will probably be your first option. If you are located within the United States, Craigslist is another good option. Initially, you will not make as much money as you were expecting. If you are persistent enough and able to find a good niche market, you could be looking at a gold mine.

4. Teaching

“Teaching is not a lost art, but the regard for it is a lost tradition” to quote the words of Jacques Barzun.

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Luckily online there is no disregard for teaching. The best part is that you can earn a very stable income in the field of education online. From the Florida Virtual School to California Virtual Academies, online careers exist for teachers from all walks of life. If you need help with homework, you can get it from the AustralianMasters of your choice. If you specialize in a particular business or medical field check out Higher Ed Jobs.

5. Working on a Cruise Ship

Working on a cruise ship is not everyone’s cup of tea. Motion sickness is a real thing and can have serious side effects on your senses. If the seasickness does not deter you, then Wandering Earl’s book may be beneficial. He explains in detail how normal people living everyday lives can work on a cruise ship and drastically change their lives. You will be able to tell if someone likes you just because of the places you’ve been to, the money you earn and your charisma. Get started with some of the best forums:

6. Becoming a Tour Guide

This will be especially easy if you have been at a particular tourist attraction for a significant period of time. Try to identify sightseers, travelers, and tourists and offer them to show them around. Identify tourist spots they are interested in visiting and enlighten them with your knowledge about other similar destinations. It would be ideal if your prices were less than the local tour guides available in that area.

7. Freelance Writer

It is another worthy option for a journey lover to make cash. Becoming a freelance writer only require education and an internet connection. Little bit experience will add a sweet flavor to it. You have to contact and register yourself over the website and start getting jobs online. Usually, those sites charge their fees on each order which means that no registration fee applied. Academist Help is one of them from where you can earn £100 to £1000 a month. It totally depends upon your academics, skills, and experience.

8. Become a Pickup Driver

If you own a full-size pickup truck, you can make good money at different delivery portals. Roadie is a fantastic way to make more money and control how close to home or how far you want to go. You can also manage exactly how much money you want to make. You can work with a company named Doorman to make money simply delivering packages even without a pickup truck.

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9. Become a Professional Photographer

To become a successful photographer you will need professional equipment. The quality of the photographs you take will depend completely on the type of high definition camera being used. The better the quality of snap the better money you will be able to make. You can sell your photographs and pictures at some of the famous online stores like 500px, Foap, Smug Mug, Adobe Stock, and Shutter shock.

10. Working as a Translator

You need to know at least 2 different languages to be a translator. A translator can come in handy in various different situations in an exotic location. It could be something as meager as translating a menu in a restaurant. Or you could even be translating official business correspondence between two companies. Having computer skills or other business skills will also be an added advantage.


Earn More Through Travel More

There are still several other options available for an individual. He/she has to gather numerous points like education, experience, expertise, and skills to decide a field for making money. According to the view of professional experts, the man who used to travel more possesses the mastery in understanding and analytics. Hence, he can dig and found more possibilities as well.

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