Top 5 Motivation Hacks That Could Change Your Life

Top 5 Motivation Hacks That Could Change Your Life
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When your work drops in productivity, you might get scared off or alert. How can you fit more work in less time? You want to make a change but don’t know how. In the end, how could you motivate yourself even more? You might think that you’re already doing your best, but in reality, you might trick yourself. There’s always more than you can do.

Heads up: we are not here to increase the amount of work (we are sure) you’re already putting in. We are here to help you work less and smart! That’s why you should use these five motivation hacks as a guide to boosting your productivity.

Share the Love: Find an Accountability Partner

Find a person who knows your strengths and weaknesses. Ask them if they could check on you every day. Tell them that you need help staying on top of your work. Explain to them the reasons why that is the case. Maybe you have a hard time focusing, or perhaps you’re going through a hard time in your life. Whichever the reason is, make sure you’re open and honest.

“The perks of having an accountability partner are numerous,” writes Dana Morin on her essay writing service blog. “They will not only check on you, but they will also ask about your progress and monitor your onward advancement. They will challenge and help you keep a positive attitude towards your hard work.”

Stay Positive: Visualize Your Desired Outcomes

The best way to get what we desire is to visualize our wishes. That doesn’t mean I encourage you to daydream, but I certainly believe creating mental pictures of your goals will make it easier for you to attain them. If you can project your brain to think that you’ve already accomplished your objectives, you will feel increasingly motivated.

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Studies have shown that mental imagery can have a long-lasting impact on your cognitive functions and memory. If you train your brain for success, you will be successful. Not only will your confidence grow, but your results will also become outstanding.

Begin your practice by visualizing your goal for the week. Imagine that you’ve attained it. In your mental image, try to include as many details as possible. How do you feel? What goes on in your mind? Why do you feel a sense of success? What is the environment that you find yourself in? Can you feel a smell in the air, any sounds around you?

Repeat the practice every night. Programming your subconscious mind will take time and effort, but in the end, the results will be definitely worth it.

Be Realistic: Set Expectations

Working hard and being determined are two incredible qualities. However, don’t let this process overwhelm you. Setting expectations that are too high to achieve can affect you more than you think. Instead of doing that, try to set goals that are in alignment with your possibilities of achieving them. We call this setting S.M.A.R.T. goals

From Passion To Profit
  • Sustainable
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Realistic
  • Time-bound

If you can do this, you can do anything! HR Tech Representative Mark Cresswell shares, “When I have too many tasks coming in, I don’t know which ones to focus on first since they’re all equally important. That’s why I use a Master list to prioritize my tasks. That way, I know where to start and avoid being confused.” ends Cresswell.

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Think in Prospective: Set Goals and Track Progress

Without tracking your progress, how will you be aware of your successes? Record your accomplishments weekly to see where you stand. Compare your plans with your goals. Research conducted by psychologist Gail Matthews shows that people setting goals are 33% more successful than those who do not.

To track your progress –

  • Break down your tasks into smaller chunks and solve them separately
  • Visualize each one of your goals
  • Search for your favorite productive quotes and stick them to your wall!
  • Use web apps to help you stay organized, such as RescueTime of Grammarly
  • Set up a calendar!
  • Set up a diary and write down your ideas and progress every day.

Avoid getting overwhelmed by large projects by applying the above tips and tricks!

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Make it Fun: Celebrate!

Last but not least, you should definitely celebrate your accomplishments! Why pursue objectives and make plans if you aren’t for attaining them? What is the purpose? “Celebrating your successes is incredibly important,” shares Dr. Marilyn Johnson. Many studies have shown that using a rewarding-based technique increases your productivity and motivation. So, how would you like to celebrate today? You’ve accomplished something. You’ve read our blog to learn more about productivity enhancement!

Wrapping Up

Staying productive doesn’t seem that complicated anymore; does it? Use the above hacks to check your progress and stay on top of your work. Make your tasks more manageable to handle and faster to accomplish!


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