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Choosing A Lawyer Directly Vs A Lawyer Referral Service

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Choosing A Lawyer Directly Vs A Lawyer Referral Service Staff
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There are several ways to obtain a lawyer, and choosing the right one is essential to your case. A lawyer referral service simplifies the process by screening and evaluating lawyers likely to meet your needs. However, because of this added layer of vetting, a lawyer referral service will probably be more expensive than simply interviewing lawyers directly. This post provides information on choosing a lawyer directly and using a lawyer referral service.

Choosing A Lawyer Directly

First, directly interview several lawyers to get a sense of their personalities and skillsets. In most states, you can make this decision solely based on a first meeting with the lawyer. You will have to make sure the lawyer is willing to represent you in your particular case, if not, you will need to find another lawyer.

The advantage of choosing a lawyer directly is that you get to control who represents you. If the lawyer you choose turns out to be ineffective, you can fire them in most states with few penalties or fees. However, if you go through a lawyer referral service, it can take several weeks to find a new lawyer.

Rates vary wildly depending on the lawyer and the particular area of law; however, most lawyers charge by the hour. Many of them begin their efforts on your case with a free initial consultation. If you choose a lawyer directly, you should develop an ongoing relationship with the lawyer. There are many ways to contact your lawyer, including periodic phone calls and regular meetings.

Lawyer Referral Service

Lawyer referral services screen lawyers and match them to your case based on their experience, skills, and locations. They simplify finding a good lawyer by eliminating some legwork; however, they cost more than hiring a lawyer directly.

A lawyer referral service will generally work with you to find a lawyer who can best represent you. Your lawyer will likely be in their network of lawyers and will contact them directly on your behalf. A lawyer referral service may also help with other aspects of the case, such as billing, reading documents, and providing advice or legal assistance.

Your lawyer needs to be able to introduce you to any potential judges or court officials who might need to know that you have a lawyer. You should also be able to reach your lawyer at any time, even if you’re working with a lawyer referral service.

A lawyer referral service may be ideal for personal injury lawyers because they understand a client’s needs and the lawyer’s options. The service will provide you with a lawyer they are sure has the right experience to win the case.

The downside of a lawyer referral service is that you may not have as much control over your selection of a lawyer as you do when choosing one directly. A lawyer referral service will make the final decision about which lawyers are best for your case. However, many people feel that they get good results with this method, and it can be cheaper than choosing a lawyer directly.

Final Thoughts

If you are beginning the process of finding a lawyer, there are several ways to choose one. A lawyer referral service can be the best option for more experienced litigators. Still, it can be good for first-time litigants or people with limited assets to interview several lawyers directly to find one you trust and can work well with.

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