Body Language Basics: How To Tell If Someone Likes You Based On Their Body Language


How can you use Body Language to tell if some one likes you? In this post we take a look at the signals someone gives off subconsciously with their body language when they like you.

Body Language Basics: How To Tell If Someone Likes You Based On Their Body Language
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This post is part of the “Body Language Basics Series” where I take a look at basic body language techniques, how to be open with people, how to spot a liar and more. You can view the introduction and see links to all posts in this series here.

While we may think that how we speak, dress, look and even smell are the key factors in determining whether we are going to get along with someone, body language plays a huge part i how people perceive us and we perceive them.

In previous posts we’ve looked at how you reflect yourself and your thoughts to others via your body language. In this post we’re going to turn this information on its head and focus on looking at how the person you’re dealing with is showing their feelings towards you through their body language.

They’re Leaning In

Leaning towards you shows that they are interested in you and what you are saying.

They’re Using Open Body Language

As we’ve seen in a previous post, there are no arms or legs crossed and they’ve placed barriers between you.


I’m not talking about full-on psycho-stalker grabbing her! Rather the more subtle arm/leg touch which shows rapport and understanding.

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Relaxed Personal Space

In our last post on Body Language For Good Communication we saw that personal space runs from 4 – 12ft. If the person that you’re chatting with is reasonably close this shows that they’re comfortable in your presence.


If they’re feet are pointing towards you (even if their body isn’t) this shows they are interested in you. Quite often people act “aloof” by turning their bodies away but forget about their feet – feet facing towards you shows a subconscious desire to move in your direction.

They’re Focusing On You

Not on their phone, the television or a newspaper. I guess this goes without saying but if they’re scrolling through twitter or playing Candy Crush then they really “not that into to”.

The Eyes Have It

When they smile their eyes smile too. I’m sure you know what I mean when I say that if someone has “dead” eyes when they smile they don’t really mean it.


If someone likes you, they will subconsciously copy your gestures such as matching arm and leg positions and movements.

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Comfortable Silences

Not so much Body Language but it’s just as important. If you and the are person are happy with silences and don’t feel the need to fill them with banalities this shows that you’re comfortable

Over To You

What do you think are signs that people like you, have I missed any important ones out? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or Contact Me

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