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Games That Can Help Increase The Thinking Capacity Of Employees

Games That Can Help Increase The Thinking Capacity Of Employees

Games That Can Help Increase The Thinking Capacity Of Employees

Are you managing a group of employees and need to improve their mental ability to handle various tasks? According to a study conducted by Brigham Young University, the results show an increase in productivity by teams who played a game during work.

What does this mean? Games are the way to go if you want to improve your employee’s thinking capacity since the level of thinking is directly related to the level of productivity. As a result, helping your employees think better will improve their productivity at work.

So, which games should you recommend to your employees? In this guide, we look at some of the tested games that are effective in boosting your workers’ brainpower. Let’s look at them.

1. Lumosity

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Lumosity is a popular app that helps in training the brain. The app is one of the best apps that trains employees to boost attention spans and improve memory. By enhancing the concentration span, employees can focus on finding solutions to a challenge they are facing. It’s no doubt why Lumosity has more than 70 million users; the app is effective in increasing employee’s thinking capacity, and that’s why most employers are embracing its use. Besides, you only need to use the app for a few minutes to enjoy the results.

2. Chess

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Chess is another exciting game that can be very helpful as it is a game of strategy that demands proper thinking. Playing chess is good for keeping your brain in shape. Just like how Chess is effective in improving the thinking capacity of school children, it enables your employees to think critically.

When you play chess, you tend to think more in patterns, which makes you think smarter and faster. By doing so, playing chess helps you to be more creative in your job and also sharpen your analytical skills.

3. Peak – Brain Games & Training



Peak uses a variety of puzzles and games to test your critical thinking, memory and language skills which helps you to building up your brain power and keep your mind active.

Peak have partnered with academics from universities such as NYU and Cambridge to bring you a well-thought-out training experience backed by science.

You only need 10 minutes a day to complete a brain training work-out so no matter how busy your schedule you’ll be able to fit a session in and you won’t get bored as there are 45 brain games and new brain training workouts every day

Bonus Application

Managing employees with a disability like schizophrenia can be quite challenging. When in this situation, as an employer, you need to develop sustainable solutions that will train the brain to help them stay engaged with work.

Wizard is a brain training app integrated into Peak and designed by researchers at the University of Cambridge to help people with schizophrenia to get through everyday tasks easily. Wizard challenges you to identify some items or move through rooms, which help in improving your memory and thinking capacity.

4. Crossword Games

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Crossword games usually need you to fill some squares with letters to get answers to the questions. Sounds easy, right? Well, it is not as simple as you think because the questions are not usually that easy, and getting the correct answer that fits in the puzzle requires critical thinking.

Thinking widely when playing crossword games like Mirror Quick at Crossword Answers 911 forces you to be more creative. The good thing is that crossword solver 911 are available online enabling you to assess your thinking capacity. Playing the games will enable your employees to think outside the box when approaching the day to day challenges at the workplace.

6. Sudoku

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Sudoku is another significant game that is efficient in improving the thinking of employees. This app trains the mind by challenging it to process some strategies and information in a short time. By doing that, sudoku enables employees to expand the dendrite connections of your brain, which are responsible for improving your memory. Sudoku helps in stimulating thinking capacity hence making your employees better at handling tasks that need a lot of mental activity.

7. Eidetic

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Eidetic is one of the best games that employees can play to help them remember important dates. This app helps you to memorize the essential dates in your work calendar that you can’t afford forgetting such as the day you have a presentation or a special meeting with your boss. Eidetic helps you memorize these dates by testing you to see if you can remember the exact days. Jogging the mind as they try to recall the dates helps the employees in developing their memory and enhancing their thinking capacity.

8. Scrabble

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This game can help you increase your thinking capacity as it usually involves fast reasoning and spontaneous thinking. Scrabble is great for learning and having some fun at the same time, especially for employees who deal with a company’s documents and need to check if the grammar is okay.

If you are an employee, you can use this app to help you improve your spelling ability and also learn new words. Playing this game often maybe during your lunch break or after work can help you to have a stronger brain and be a better employee in whatever you do.

9. Elevate

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Analytical skills are very crucial, and every employer is checking them nowadays before offering a job. Elevate, an app that has been there since 2014, can help employees to improve their analytical skills as it challenges them to sharpen their skills.

For instance, this app tests you to see if you’ll notice any grammatical mistakes in some sentences or words. By doing that, the app makes you think faster and more accurately so you can point out any grammatical errors that you might come across even when working.


Most business challenges today need critical thinking to come up with suitable solutions. As a result, improving your employee’s thinking capacity should be a top priority of every employer.

Luckily various games can help you to achieve that. This article shows some of the best games that many employees are using to improve employees’ performance at work. The games enhance the intellectual aspect and increase focus on tasks which drives performance.

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