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Protecting Your Home During A Polar Vortex

Protecting Your Home During A Polar Vortex

Protecting Your Home During A Polar Vortex Staff
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During the winter, the weather can go from one extreme to another. In Chicago, the polar vortex saw temperatures drop as low as 0 degrees Fahrenheit. For Brits, this is about -20 Celsius which is a balmy summer’s day in Antarctica. As well as the obvious health issues, this sort of weather can damage the home too. And, it doesn’t have to be a polar vortex as normal British winter weather is very damaging. Homeowners need to be able to protect their property when the mercury plummets and this advice should help.

Here are the things to do to your home in the height of wintertime.

Insulate Outdoor Piping

Hopefully, the choice of material is on point or else you might need to rip out the pipes and install new ones. Copper tube is an excellent resource for the Great Outdoors as it’s durable and conducts heat, which means it has a good chance of surviving a cold snap. To help it, you can insulate the pipes by boxing it off and covering it in a reflective surface. Not only will the wood take the brunt of the pressure, but tinfoil should reflect the heat into the pipe and prevent it from freezing.

Keep The Boiler Burning

While heat is important, you don’t want to blast money unnecessarily on energy bills. As they continue to rise, they’re one of the largest expenses and chip away at an already tight budget. Plus, burning fossil fuels is bad for the environment. Still, you need to make sure the water in the pipes flows and doesn’t freeze or else it will burst throw the ceiling. Apart from draining the entire system, you can set the boiler to a low temp. That way, the water won’t freeze and your energy bills won’t skyrocket either.

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Wash The Windows

The last thing you want to do is chores in the freezing cold, yet it’s important. Glass, like metal, freezes over and it affects its structural integrity. Think of your car windshield in a morning. Applying pressure to a frozen surface can shatter it completely, and that includes strong gusts of wind and gales. Spraying the windows with de-icer should stop the sub-zero temperatures from damaging the glass. Another option is to add it to the lines to ensure the pipes don’t start to ice over, but that is a personal decision.

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Grit The Exterior

Icy walkways aren’t only death traps for people – cars are also susceptible. The rubber from the tyres doesn’t have any friction in extreme temps and can’t grip the road. As a result, it can roll forwards or backwards in the direction of your home or the main street. This is especially problematic if the drive is elevated. Putting down grit or rock salt should prevent the car from slipping into the front of the house and causing structural damage. Dig out the snow first with a shovel and then add the salt for the best results.

With this advice, you’ll be ready for any weather which comes your way.

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