The Best Work From Home Careers

The Best Work From Home Careers


The idea of working from home once seemed like a fantasy. Since the advancement of new technologies and the pandemic changing the work-life dynamic, we know it is possible. It may have even sparked a desire for you to dive into a new industry or change your career path. No matter if you want to pursue a career change or add a side hustle to your current lifestyle, here are the best ideas for making money from the comfort of your home.

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The idea of working from home once seemed like a fantasy. Since the advancement of new technologies and the pandemic changing the work-life dynamic, we know it is possible. It may have even sparked a desire for you to dive into a new industry or change your career path. No matter if you want to pursue a career change or add a side hustle to your current lifestyle, here are the best ideas for making money from the comfort of your home.


To be a photographer you don’t necessarily need to have a degree, qualification, or history in the industry. If you have a keen eye for photography and the right equipment, you can use your natural abilities to forge a career in the photography world.

Building up a portfolio is key, which you can do so with the right equipment and ideas. For instance, you may be into drone photography, thus you can find the best drone for you on drdrone and get creative with your own ideas.

After building a portfolio, you can connect with potential clients and show off your work. You may nab yourself a few projects and then you have the potential to be consistent with clients and make a passive income.


There are numerous writing roles that can be easily achieved from home. Most writing jobs require you to be freelance nowadays or have the option to be able to travel or work from home. So, if you are a passionate writer and love the idea of working from home, maybe being a writer would be the best work-from-home career for you.

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The options are endless from being a copywriter, ghostwriter, blogger, freelance journalist, reviewer, academic essay writer, CV writer, and so much more. You may have a set path you want to take for your writing career. Or, you may be open to several opportunities. When you have a portfolio, you can present this to various clients and dip your toes into several creative writing jobs and achieve that work-from-home life.

Coding And Development

With the internet being a huge part of our daily lives, there are always new websites, apps, and software being created. Thus, many companies require freelance coding professionals to fulfill their roles.

The coding industry entails various job types, from website coder, app developer, and software developer. If you are an expert in those fields, you can gain new freelance opportunities with a portfolio. Or, you could build your own coding and development company to attain regular clients.


If your passion and expertise lie within the world of technological design, you could pursue this at home being a freelancer. Whether you have web, graphic, or app design skills, you can use these to your advantage and take on projects from the comfort of your own home.

Anyone with a good eye for design and a good portfolio can present this to clients and obtain great work-from-home design opportunities from home. When working from home, you can take on several or just one clients at a time. You can manage your own time and take on clients that suit your experience.

Sell Your Own Goods

There are many budding creatives in the world, many of which love to make their own goods. No matter if you like to make clothes, cakes, candles, or crafts, you can utilize the internet and social media to sell these goods and make your own business.

Leveraging social media is a great way to cross-promote your crafts for free. By setting up social pages and a website, you can increase your brand awareness and make your own e-shop from home. There, people can engage with you, discover your products, and purchase your goods.

Online Tutor

If you like the idea of teaching people across the world your area of expertise, then an online tutor role might be ideal for you. Depending on your preference, this can be a full or part-time job. Seeing as you will be working and teaching from home, you can choose your own hours.

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You can teach online for so many different subjects. You could teach international students your native language. Or, you could teach budding photographers the skills and knowledge you need to make it in the photography world.

To be an online tutor, especially for children/teenagers, you may need a certificate. These can be obtained online and once you have the certificate, you will be able to teach any student no matter where they are in the world. You can offer solo sessions or group sessions, depending on your time, client preference, and subject area.

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is similar to a personal assistant, yet it offers the services virtually. You may know a busy business entrepreneur who needs help with organization, answering emails, scheduling meetings, and more. All of which can be provided from home. The business entrepreneur may not have time for in-person interaction, thus virtual services are ideal. If you have more than one person interested in your services, you can offer them to multiple people, so long as you manage your time well. You won’t want to disappoint or not be able to fulfill the role they have set out for you.

Marketing Consultant

With expertise in marketing and helping people grow their businesses, you can offer these services through a consultancy company. You can then manage your own client pool and time.

This role means you can help businesses reach their goals and the more time you have available, the more clients you can take on. Some companies may require constant assistance, whilst others may just require you for a short time.

Social Media Manager

There are many businesses, big and small, that require help managing their social media accounts. Seeing as all of the content is online, the job is much easier done at home.

You may be required to manage just one platform or multiple. Depending on the volume of work from each client, you may be able to manage more than one company’s ­­­­­social media pages. Again, when working for yourself from home you can manage your own hours and workload.

Being a social media manager does not require any special training or qualifications. Instead, it is ideal to have experience and knowledge in the platforms so that you can offer your clients the best results.

Visual editor

Working with video and photography editing requires all work to be online. Thus, it can easily be achieved at home.

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Even if you do not have a ton of experience, you can learn from home. You can practice by editing free online videos or your own content. Through practice and online courses/tutorials, you can acquire the skills you need to be a video editor from home with your own client pool.

Online Personal Trainer

For those with fitness qualifications, such as level 3 personal training, you may be a great online personal trainer. You may already have your own pool of clients, which may prefer virtual lessons as it suits their time.

Thus, you can offer virtual personal training sessions from the comfort of your own home. You can hold solo or group sessions depending on your time and client preference. You can use apps such as Zoom to hold these sessions. Or, you can offer live sessions through Instagram for your clients and followers to join in. Leveraging social media to grow your brand and attract new customers is ideal. Its free marketing and a great way to offer better customer service.

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