The Benefits Of PPC Marketing

The Benefits Of PPC Marketing


Explore some of the most compelling benefits you can gain from using PPC marketing for your business.

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Google just about any product or service and right at the top of the page, above the first organic result is one or more pay-per-click ads or PPC as they are also known. Indeed, this is why PPC ads are so important because they take up some of the most prime real estate on any SERPs page, meaning they are likely to be seen first.

PPC are called this because they work on a pay-per-click basis, which means as a business you only pay for the customers that click on the ad to go through to your site, instead of every time the ad is viewed.

PPC marketing also offers a wealth of valuable benefits to businesses, both large and small discover the most compelling one in the post below.

Fast Results

One way that PPC marketing stands out among all the other types of digital marketing on offer is how quickly you can see results. This is because in contrast to content marketing, and SEO you can get your message out to people looking for your products and services immediately. This makes it a very useful short-term marketing tactic.

Immune To Algorithm Changes

Another reason to choose PPC marketing for your business is that it’s almost immune to Google algorithm updates and changes. The Google algorithm is the system that is used to decide which results to bring up in the SERPs when a user types in a query.

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Any changes to the algorithm mean other types of content marketing and SEO can suffer if they do not favour the tactics they have been using.

However, PPC marketing is not ruled by this algorithm, because it’s a paid service, and that means you always get the prime position at the very top of the page.


Retargeting is a digital marketing tactic that remembers visitors to your site and displays adverts based on information about each one.

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PPC is a great tool for retargeting potential customers, which in turn can help you increase your site conversion rates. PPC retargeting does this by leveraging the fact that a visitor is already familiar with your brand and taking the opportunity to re-engage them with specifically targeted ads.

PPC retargeting can even be set to a specific timeframe to make it even more effective. For example, for a high-value product or service, you may wish to set a longer time frame for retargeting because the decision-making process on whether to buy will take longer too.

Choose Distribute Digital for all your PPC marketing needs

Now you are familiar with the benefits of PPC marketing, you are probably wondering how to go about launching a campaign. Well, there are many aspects to consider such as the keywords you will use, and how you will maximise your conversion rate. The good news is that digital marketing experts here at Distribute Digital can help. You can contact them at 0121 318 6796 or pop an email at to get started.

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