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Time Tracking

Office Productivity

October 3, 2022 by Pranjal Varma

Being an HR manager, you often find yourself under the burden of various tasks. Fortunately, you can leverage technology to make work easy and accomplish tasks on time. Digital tools enable great data accuracy and ensure time savings. Therefore, we have mentioned a list … Read More »

Office Productivity

August 15, 2022 by Dijana Milunovic

People get addicted, by definition, trying to boost their dopamine levels, and feel more satisfied and happier, at least for a while. This is why employees prefer focusing on easy-to-complete tasks that offer the instant gratification they crave. By doing this repeatedly they unintentionally … Read More »

Office Productivity

December 8, 2021

Employee monitoring is a practice where employers keep tabs on workers’ activities during working hours. They can observe internet, software, and email usage, as well as work hours and location. The practice is geared towards helping employees boost productivity, understanding workflows, and calculating correct … Read More »

Office Productivity

December 3, 2021

You should not use time tracking in your organization because others are doing it. Like every other valuable management tool, monitoring employee activity is only effective when it is suitable. So, a good manager must recognize and weigh the pros and cons of time … Read More »


May 29, 2018 by William Benetton

Time management has become an issue which is growing more important, as society moves on. It requires us to make the most of the 24 hours we have every day, by efficiently doing everything we plan to do. However, as easy as this might … Read More »

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