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Weekly Round-Up #130: Take Your Career To The Next Level, Track Your Time Better & Nap Like A Pro

Weekly Round-Up #130: Take Your Career To The Next Level, Track Your Time Better & Nap Like A Pro

Weekly Round-Up #130: Take Your Career To The Next Level, Track Your Time Better & Nap Like A Pro

This week we take a look at the signs you’re ready to move your career to a larger city, A new app that will allow you to easily track your time and how you can get the most out of your naps (and when you should be napping).

Five Signs It’s Time to Take Your Career to a Big City – Chispa Magazine

I’ve worked in cities and large towns and I have to say I didn’t enjoy it. I guess coming from a semi-rural area means that I don’t get on well with crowds, hate public transport and the general rudeness of people. Saying that though, there are some careers that will only work in a big city and some people that long for the city so check out this article to see if you recognise any of the 5 signs that it’s time to up sticks.

How to Prioritize Your Inbox – NetCredit

I’ve written in the past about how you can prioritise your inbox but if you’re more of a visual person then this infographic from the guys at NetCredit  shows you how interruptions from email can seriously hamper your productivity, tells you how you can minimise email interruptions and how to tame your inbox.

TimeCamp: Projects, Organized – TimeCamp

I’m currently using Toggl for my time-tracking but I do find its user-interface and the way it organises projects somewhat lacking. TimeCamp looks like it may be an interesting alternative. You get free time tracking for one user and access to a mobile and desktop app, if you’re looking for billable time tracking and integrations with other services such as Basecamp and Trello it costs just $7 a month.

What Is Stoicism? A Definition & 3 Stoic Exercises To Get You Started – Teaching Entrepreneurs

I’ve featured some of Arda Cigin’s articles on Stoicism in my previous round-ups but it might not be clear to you what a “Stoic” actually is. If you’re looking for a brief primer then check out this article which will give you background to the movement so you can understand it’s processes better.

Exterior of an office building
If you're thinking about building your own office space, it's essential to know what you need to do and which services you need when doing so. To help with this, here is a list of considerations for those who are looking into the process.

15 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do with Dropbox – MakeUseOf

I use Dropbox as a backup storage area for some of my database files – there are lots of apps that can integrate with it and it’s a great way of having files shared across computers (I use it to store my accounts database so I can access it on 2 different PCs). But, Dropbox isn’t just for file storage, you can do a lot more with it.


Evernote Decluttering: How to Clean Up Evernote and Start Over – Zapier

I used to use Evernote but became a bit overwhelmed with the amount of things it seemed to be capable of doing. I was also put off when they changed their plans so that a lot of the features I was interested in were moved from the free plan.

From Passion To Profit

Saying that though, I’m sure there are a lot of you who would love to get going with Evernote again but don’t know what to do with all the odds and ends you already have saved so this article from Zapier may help you clean out Evernote and get started afresh.

The Science-Backed Guide to the Best Nap of Your Life – Apartment Therapy

Finally this week, if you’re a fan of napping then how about taking it to the next level with these tips to getting more out of your 40 winks.

Have A Great Weekend

I hope you have a great weekend, as always if you have any links you like to share with me and my readers please contact me through the website or send me a tweet.

The word "No" written on brown paper
Sometimes, even though we can be organised (or we like to think we are!) we can sometimes take too much on. This leads to a form of procrastination I like to term "Rabbit in the headlights"; you know the one - where you get paralysed with fear at the piles...


Until next week, Stay Productive!

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