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Lori Wade is a content writer for She is currently engaged in news and conceptual articles in the freelance industry. You can find her on LinkedIn.
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People Skills


7 Leadership Skills That Every Leader Should Have

December 20, 2022 By Lori Wade

Being a leader requires more than just having a vision or being in charge. True leaders possess a variety of essential skills that help them to inspire and motivate others, build strong teams, and achieve their goals. While some people are born with certain leadership qualities, anyone can develop the skills necessary to become an effective leader. Here are seven essential leadership skills that every leader should have.…more »



10+ Painless Time Tracking Apps For Your Creative Projects

December 4, 2019 By Lori Wade

Are you battling to keep yourself on track to meet a specific goal? This article looks at 10 different apps that will allow you and your staff to track their time efficiently so you can see where time is being spent and where you can become more productive.…more »

Career Development


How To Write A Personal Development Plan For Your Career And Life

November 30, 2017 By Lori Wade

You may think that you only need a personal development plan if you're working in a corporate environment and looking to move up the ladder in your workplace. Lori Wade argues that a Personal Development Plan is equally important in your home life as well as your work life and gives you some excellent tips on how to form the basis of your Personal Development Plan.…more »

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