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Looking To Reward Your Employees? Consider An Area Of Recreation For Your Office

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Looking To Reward Your Employees? Consider An Area Of Recreation For Your Office Staff
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Every workplace has gone through a trying time. Office morale is falling, and productivity is starting to feel the strain, your employees are feeling unmotivated and losing confidence in themselves and their work. You need a changeup but are lacking in ideas and worried about budget. If you’ve got the space available or can make use of an underused space like a car parking space, consider adding an area for recreational use.

This can be anything from a television and games console set-up, a pool-table, a gym area or even a dedicated quiet area for reading, the only limitation is imagination (and a little bit of resource). Talk to your staff about their interests, what sort of space they would enjoy making use of and if there is anything they want to explore as a team for social and team-building opportunities.

Lacking in inspiration? Check out the following ideas for your business recreation or break-away area and the benefits you can enjoy;

Gym and Street Workout Equipment

Most people want to keep themselves healthy, but a lot of full-time workers simply lack the time to get to the gym or lack the motivation to keep to an evening or morning run. Gym and circuit equipment available today is extremely versatile and can be installed both inside and out. From dumbbells and yoga mats that can be tucked away into a spare cupboard to permanently installed outdoor stationary bikes and parkour structures, which offer an interesting way for employees to burn off energy and inspire memories of the school playground. Not only can this help improve self-confidence in your employees but creates a supportive environment and a gentle level of competitive spirit.

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Peace and Tranquillity Corner

An easy and low-resource area to create that can be quickly put together during the lunch hour in an unused meeting room or dining area while also being simple to promptly pack away. Utilise soft furnishings such as beanbags and deluxe folding chairs for comfort and decorate with fake plants or a small water feature. You can even add a facility to play calming music or natural sounds. This is particularly good for high stress jobs where employees can take 5-10 minutes to unwind or destress when feeling uptight from their job responsibilities.

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Consoles, Board Games and Cards

Depending on the spare budget available for employee rewards and motivation purposes, an area dedicated to encouraging social bonds and enjoyment can be greatly received by certain teams, particularly in technology-based firms with many millennials employed. Video games can encourage light competitive spirit while providing a platform for long-term play between multiple team-members including tournaments and office records. Board games and card games are a much cheaper resource and have the convenience of taking up little space and covering a huge range of genres, player group numbers and time to completion. If space isn’t available but offices use up-to-date equipment, managers could explore giving staff permission to play multiplayer games with colleagues on workstations.

If you are a small company or have already maxed your available space (which is contributing to your employee morale-drop) but are waiting for the right opportunity to move premises. Consider taking your employees out of the workplace for a short amount of time, either for a day of pleasure, such as an aquarium visit, dinner and theatre evening or where possible to work in a different environment, such as outdoors in a park. This may only be practical for businesses that can work remotely via laptop but hopefully will provide you some inspiration for how to improve your work-place environment!

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