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Improve Your Posture to Prevent Body Pain

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Many people spend hundreds of dollars on back and neck pain treatment. If you don’t want to be one of those people, then you need to take steps to improve your posture. While other underlying causes might cause the pain, better posture can help ease the muscle tension that your body faces with bad posture. Here are some things that you can do to ensure that you always stand tall and proud:

Read Your Texts Better

People are using their smartphones more and more every day. The result is that people tend to hunch over to read the small screen. This is a habit you need to break. A better way to read your texts is to bring the phone closer to your face. This helps avoid “text neck” since you won’t be leaning your head down and straining it. Lean back and read with your eyes. Your head should not be moving so that your neck will feel little strain.

Get an Ergonomic Workstation

You likely spend a lot of their time at work at a desk. The problem is that many people develop bad posture habits as they work. The fact that they have bad chairs and other factors contribute to this. If you want to have a better posture, you should take steps to make your workstation better for your posture. Ergonomically correct furniture can go a long way in improving your posture.

The most important piece is your chair. You need to have a chair adjusted to your body. This means that your feet should touch the ground when you are sitting while the armrests are at a comfortable level. Both your legs and arms should be at 90 degrees so that no strain is present in them. Additionally, you might want a chair that has better lumbar support at the base of your back. Your back also needs full support from the chair.

As for the other parts of your workstation, your desk should have everything within easy reach. The monitor also needs to be in front of your keyboard so that you don’t have to look in different directions.

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Get Some Exercise

When your muscles strain too much, this is where the pain comes from. If you want to reduce the pain, there are two ways to help your muscles. You can either strengthen them so that movements that used to be difficult are easier, or you can increase their flexibility, which eliminates the strain. Both of these are possible when you do the right exercises. Here are a couple of exercises that can train your body to handle the pain.

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First, there is the child’s pose. This stretches your spine and hamstrings. This can help relieve the stress in your back and neck. It is also pretty easy. Starting in a kneeling position, you bend forward and reach out with your hands. You then fold your legs so that your hips rest them. Place your forehead on the floor and keep the position for several seconds.

Another simple exercise is the plank. You assume the push-up position and engage your muscles. It sounds simple, but it isn’t easy to maintain it. This exercise is mainly for strengthening your muscles so that they can do their job better.

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Standing Straight

It can be surprising how many people find it difficult to stand straight. You might not even notice. For example, some people stand with their bottom sticking out. This is either thanks to excess weight in their middle or wearing high heels most of the time. The result is that you look like Donald Duck shuffling around.

To avoid having bad posture, you need to notice your bad habits first. A good look at a mirror can tell you whether you stand straight or not. If you have to correct yourself when standing in front of a mirror, then you likely have bad posture. Correct your bad habits and be aware of your posture. Distribute your weight evenly among your legs and keep your back straight. Keep on doing this, and it will become a solid habit for you.

Proper posture is essential for your health. Keeping bad habits like hunching your back or rounding your shoulders will affect your health and can even make you look bad. Aim to look confident and healthy by improving your posture.

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